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Who offers the best products, Mustek, Digilife etc. Who is the best?? It seems like Digilife is very hard to obtain in the USA. I wonder why?
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Judging by their US website, Digilife appears fairly new to the US marlet. Not sure why they haven't gotten into US marketing channels. They have good products.
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lets break this down to a few catagories.

economy under 200.00

midrange and high end hybrids

if we chose econmy I would have to go with not one but a few. digi life m1 series, mustek dv4500, and aiptek mpvr

if we go mid range it is a tough choice since I do not own a mustek 9300

if we go high end sanyo c5 series

now that set aside who is the leader. I would say. the digi life/aiptek model, that looks like the m1 and mpvr. why. too many loo alikes , and it is all the same company. hope that helps out.
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Wecome to the forum, Kaido,

My impression was that Mustek was the first substantial hybrid maker, followed by Aiptek. In the lower half of the price range, Digilife has emerged and now sets the pace. In the more costly hybrids, it's hard to say, but probably Sanyo and Samsung. Hybrids are strangely absent from the North American market. That's gradually changing, but I don't expect hybrids to ever sell in large numbers.

Digital still cameras can do what hybrids do, and require no paradigm shift by the consumers. People think in terms of still cameras and movie cams, and not many can grasp having both in one camera. Then add in an MP3 player, and you've lost them. So I can't see Digilife hybrids every selling strongly in the US, and there are already so many players in the dsc market that I can't see Digilife's still cameras making any impression.

Also, Digilife has got to offer more professional customer support if they want to build brand loyalty. But maybe they do well enough in Europe and Asia that they don't need the US market. If so, we will continue to turn to the Internet and eBay to get their products.

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