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I'm curious about something. In the context of my question, there seem to be two main types of people who use cameras.

One group is into cameras themselves, and don't have any special (or any) use for the images they take. Some, I gather, don't even use the cameras. For the other group, the cameras are tools used to capture images that have definite purposes.

I'm one of the latter. I've been using hybrids for a few years now. When I first heard of them, my immediate thought was that I'd be able to create home movies of our family and activities. It took me a couple of years to put all the pieces together to do that, but now I've created almost 80 movies, ranging in length up to over an hour. I've also used stills and movie clips for a range of other purposes, and even made a bit of money on them. Increasingly those movies are finding a wider audience among our friends, who typically now get a copy of the movie of any trip we were on with them. These movies are used for entertainment at gatherings, and are getting copied and sent to parents in Europe and stuff like that.

My impression from this forum is that most hybrid owners are mostly into the cameras themselves. Beyond using stills and video clips for comparing the cameras, I don't hear much about people using their images beyond storing away memories. There's not much talk about processing or public displays of the stills and clips being taken.

I see people buying 10megapixel $1000 dsc's and even fancier dslr's who know about and seek out the most minute aspects of image quality, but then seem to never use those images for anything. Not to mention the fantastic amount of camcorder footage taken, reviewed and never watched again. Others buy cheapo cameras and use the p__s out of them.

I'd be interested in hearing what people are using their shots for, and how much they're using the shots. Or if hybrid ownership is just to enjoy the cameras themselves, then that would be interesting to hear also. Does anyone see themselves as hybrid collectors?
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Three reasons:

1. The cameras themselves;

2. To test software;

3. To record growing archive of family outdoor pursuits and family history interviews.

Private Idaho
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P.S. I plan to buy the forthcoming improved "Apple TV" and use that to store/play videos in the home with major satisfaction derived from the Apple "FrontRow" media control software:


Private Idaho
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Oh.. I use mine a lot and for all kinds of different reasons. But there is no doubt about it, the primary reason ends up being to record my family. Mostly my daughter as she grows up. But I tend to take interesting videos. When I say interesting, I mean they are interesting to me and my family. I don't just sit a camera on a tripod for hours recording things. A testiment to that is that we actually watch our videos on a regular basis. My daughter especially enjoys watching them. I have a collection of hundreds of videos and thousands of pictures.

I like talking on this forum about different cameras because I'm always looking for models of cameras I'd be interested to have and ones I'd rather pass on. Cameras are always improving and so I usually upgrade every year or two but I'm usually budget concsious so I like to buy ones I can afford that are good quality. So i think when you break it down, 90% of what we talk about on these forums comes down to how much bang you get for your buck on these cameras.
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Like others who have posted here my A-HD is for "putting in my pocket and taking anywhere." I already have two HD camcorders, a JVC which is prosumer size and a consumer Sony but it is often easier just to carry the A-HD places. I packed it with my laptop on a trip this last week to Seattle. It's very convenient and for most shots just fine. It takes better stills than my Sony HD camera too. But that's technology which is always improving. I just wish the A-HD had better audio. I may replace it with a Sanyo but let's see what happens next week at CES.

While in Seattle I showed the A-HD to a friend's son who's "night job" is a video production company and he was impressed with it for the price.

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I got myself and inlaws a ddv1000 last year. Got it myself because I wanted a vid cam that I won't feel bad if it breaks. I'm a tower climber and tend to drop stuff I bought the inlaws one because they didn't have any type of camcorder and just think it's awesome that they can pop the sd card into their computer and have online video.

This year I upgraded them to a A-HD.
Bob C
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sgspirit wrote:
I'm curious about something. In the context of my question, there seem to be two main types of people who use cameras.
All these videos mean the World to me and concidered priceless

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRfWHvjWq2Inew York Aqaurium show 15 min

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BHf6Eeo-gYfireworks 17 mins

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70wKgrLbGZEmazalton mexican flyas 30 min show

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2fb0qrkEa3w12 min comedy act.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KecHJ_NWIQsfriend and I endiong a boating season

http://youtube.com/watch?v=rCaeLEJvBN8 florida vacat work rest

Sg. you ask a very good question. for I, you know I am here to keep the Hybrid alive, and help others enjoy the fun, and Produced as many clips as possable for Entertainment-to Educational. I have made my videos of car tutorials, and more.

on a personal note. it was very hard to get a Economy model with a High quality till the passed year, and for that i have not yet made a personal one, a video. if Project Bluescreen, Survivorman of Aiptek, are not concidered entertaimnment, they are to me personal and public.

My next project will be Poor mans camcorder.

I have one question to you, will you ever go publicwith just one video :G. As a personal note we have seen an Old site go down and was thebest times in 2000 or latter, we know the musteks were, the talk of the town, now today if we just sat here, and never posted would you think we be a popular site?

:-)for that I thank you and enjoy my friend Sg

I do some video filming of 1 min plus vids for reviews 75 more this month


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