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fishycomics Oct 23, 2006 3:28 PM

Compairing camcorders against one another

Aiptek camcorders, dxg, and Mustek

1. How do I decide what camcorder is right for me? what are the difference between these two models? which one will fit my needs?

Most stores in your local area will not show a display model in its full operation, And you must rely on the net. a friend, or purchase. here you'll have as close as a hands on as possable without wasting gas or your time. This is one company with two models to chose from, the difference is the 20.00usc price

Ask yourself if an Av input , 10 photo frames, 3/8" screen,fast foward/rewind cue ,Icon,optional remote control, bigger flicker led, worth the extra buck it is a decision you must ask yourself.

How long has the IS-DV, and MPVR been out, are there newer version, or models? how would the support team handle my needs ifa problem comes up?

All these questions can be answered by research, as we have a excellent group of members that own these hybrids.

What you need to know with the vid, the MPVR takes a brighter video in all situations, while the IS-DV has a darker video that can become a little annoying. The IS-DV will take a smoother Picture, while the MPVr not as smooth.

No Matter what you are after, it'syour choice to decide what is the better mpeg4 camcorder/camera. I like to say no matter what your choice is. as long as you got a hybrid , it's priceless a economy camera at its best.

1. The MPVR, and 2The IS-DV.

Clip0001 is of walking on the sand, sun is in/out and behind my back. true colours are deffently out to play on these Videos as the cmos sensor are working their hardest. It is ofwalking foward on sand that is dampened, and packed. there will be sharpness issues, as well as brightness issues as well.

1. mpvr click medirect download, save and play viewing

2. IS-DV click me
direct download save and play viewing

Clip0002 this is of two types of filming the marsh in the breeze while a stray cat, a tabby, is ready to run, notice the cat may have to much contrast or sharpness , but again look at the marsh where the cat is near it is blurred too many blends of color and movement.

1. MPVRdirect downloads click me viewing

2.IS-DVdirect download click me putfile viewing






What are the differences if I compare to Other brand companies.

1 mpvr 2 aiptek dv5300 3 mustek dv4500 4 Dxg 305v

Clip0001 of the ski real blue but to the sun, you will see it like a lightbulb super yellow/white but catch Blue and white/grey clouds, while in a distant a seagul flies in. This is cloud formation and colr comparing to.

1 mpvr direct download

2 aiptek dv5300direct download

3. mustek dv4500direct download

4. dxg 305vdirect download

Clip0002 is of a tre pann shot and has colors of green a natural setting from the bric side of a house to landscape.

1 MPVrdirect download

2. aiptek 5300 direct download

3 mustek dv4500 direct download

4 dxg 305vdirect download


aiptek dv5300

mustek dv4500


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