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This is the Aiptek MPVR fully taking apart, will do a complete video step by step, and hopefully , those who will need to fix a broken one will know how, thanks to StarNormands pics they helped out quite a bit but lack on my part for not reading again .

for now you may watch this video

updated with subtitle, and voice, last video voice,

Video One of Three Click me3 minutes

video Two of three Click Me 5 min

Video three of three click me


I have fully taken apart my hybrid and ever so happty it is like a new hybrid no loose screen YAhoo!

vid and some pics will be displayed.

readable instruction are below.


Step by step proceedure, those in the future will need to know how to fix their screen, or even why the camera died?

tools required 99 cent store 6 peice micro screw set tweezers, a pin or sharp device. use your imagination.

In my video, it is best to protect yourself from electrostatic discharge, use a rubber mat of lighter color. I have not done that and may been at risk for damge to the unit, or even losing a screw. have a case or tray for screws, even a peice of paper draw, write down where it goes, even snap a picture step by step. and best yet a light and magnifyer gas.now to the proceedures

step 1 get a feel for the hybrid , be comfortable, Start with the back of the hybrid, back sticker panal, bottom there is a notch, start there and work your way around prying gently, working the glue off, place near lamp to soften if neccessary. behind it, there are two screws upper one protective tapefor moisture , and lower one open. 3rd one located behind USB door. remove perminent or replace back on ( mine is off).

Step 2 slide hand around case and start working cover of from top to bottom. three clips hold on thebotom cover, becareful not to lose the arrow, and plastic lcd door hing.

Step 3 remove front stickerpana, and remove two screws, be careful not to lose the remoe sensor lens.

step 4 locate two rubber bumpers andremove them, place safely on the side, and remove two screws.

step 5 locate mic andr pry cover off, to show one screw and remvoe it.

step 6 locate front flash and lens cover , on the Lens cover at the bottm=om you'll se a hole, or notch youmay pry off the 2 clip cap, at 5pm and 10pm position, if incorect, than 7pm, 2pm.position. behind the lens cap are two screws.. The flash cover housingwill have two lower tabs and come off.

step 7 cover will pop of and you'll need to remove speaker connector carefully with a tweezer or pi nose plyers lift off. samegoes for the ribbon cable

ribbon cable be extra careful, there is a locking device, you may need to pry open with a thin sharp nife..

step 8 locate 3 screws one by the flash, one by the lower left, and mdd left side. be careful that the lens does not fal out it is only held in by pressure. Make sure Machro/infinity is in correct position when taking off, and placing back super important. on cover with Lcd you'll remove 3 more screws. two for theswival device , and one for the whole housing, that will need prying ever so gently.

showing two screws that will be the lcd swival bracket. Place 345 blue (locktite) if you do not know what locktite is, it is aglue that helps the screw not get loose , any type of glue can be used, depending on what you peferre to do.

step 9 turning around to the outside the lcd screen you'll see two screws on the inner side at 90 degrees open you'll take out those screws. both inner, and outer cover will come out. this will exspose the o whole unit.

you have fully completed in dismanteling your hybrid, congradulations, now reverse order and you're done,

In reverse order when you get the hybrid back to where you plug in the ribbon cable andspeaker , it is best to place the battery andsdcard in to see ifit works. then complete all steps.

time and duration of Job, 1 hour 30, to 2 hours 20minutes open and closed

1. My goal, to tighten these screws

2. Full blown view of the MPVR dismanteled?

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Who is Normands, he he he. What up? I haven't been back for a while and I did promise I would make a video taking apart the AIPTEK MPVR 2K6 camcorder. Life. That's what happens. Just busy handling important pressing family and work matters. Glad to see fishy has made some videos. I am glad I have been some help with the pictures. Well, I am trying to get back into doing more MOD's with this camera. I'll try. I'll let you know what I accomplish. Just for fun, here's a video ofour truck window busting when my family and I went camping at Pismo Beach. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YajlvudkW_Y. I hope this post is appropriate for this forum. If not, sorry. I do wnat to know if there is a way to power the AIPTEK camcorder through its USB port and still record video with it? If not, I will have to make a battery shaped adaptor with a monurial jack input that I can put in the battery compartment of the camera. I will drill a hole in the case so the jack can stick out and I can plug a monurial phone plug that is wired to a portable power supply. I will also cut away a small rectangular window at the bottom right part of the battery lid so I can slide out and slide in the SD emory chip without taking the battery cover off. All I need is time. I have a little vacation time coming up, I will use that time, what the heck.
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StarN....... the Vid is not inappropriate at all. it is of great concern that you and the family were not hurt?

the trailer may have not correctly been set up? I bet? hope the vacation gtten beter from there on out? :| great shooting.
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