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Does anyone know anything about this unit?

It looks pretty good on paper.

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Not familar with this brand, but this appears to be a clone of the Digilife DDV-M1 or the Ispan DDV-910. These hybrids have problems with low light situations due their CMOS sensors, but work well in normal outdoor light. For better results in low light, look for a hybrid with CCD sensor. Creative, Digilife, Ispan, SVP, and others offer CCD sensor hybrids.
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This unit claim to have seven function

1. Digital Camera: 5 Mpixel, but poor quality on low light conditions. Image at full size looks pixelated. Colour loss.

2. Digital video: Don´t ever use zoom (except 4.8x). The zoom from 1 to 4.8x produce really bad images. From 4.9 to 5.5 is the best zoom, 5.6 and up image looks snowny like gray Using zoom while recording is not smoth. you can see leaps whille incrementing.

3. MP3: This device playback MP3, but you can actually not see the title of the song, just a number representing the order on the memory, so it's hard to determine which position belongs to which song. The sounds is quite low even at the maximun scale.

4. TV recording: The image looks really pixelated like an CD Pirate. It´s recomended to keep the divece conected to energy jack, cause battery drains fast. Despite camera has a clock integrated, the device don´t wake up to start recording.

5. Control Remote: Really usefull, but lack of on/off button.

6. Tv playback: Ok.

7. Voice recording: Despite this device records good quality sound, you must be near 2 mt belong the sound source.

8. Flash: the objective must be betwen 80-120 cm and produces red images. below this distance the image looks white, and above the image is black.

9. Display: This is the best. playing back pictures, movies, music videoclip looks really good (excelent) no pixelation at all, smoth moving.

PICTURE SAMPLE:http://static1.bareka.com/photos/med...anto-tomas.jpg

FULL 5MP SAMPLE: http://www.panoramio.com/photos/original/1349673.jpg

VIDEO SAMPLE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUwI9qCodVI

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Thanks for letting us know about your experiences with the G-Shot, ob4la. And welcome!

This is the same as the Digilife DDV-910. I have a DDV-920, which is the same except for using a ccd sensor instead of a cmos.

I've had no trouble recording a tv signal sent into the 920. A friend used it extensively for digitizing camcorder footage, and was pleased with the results. I've also plugged a spycam into it, with no problem.

Maybe you have a mismatch between the NSTC and PAL tv settings on your camera and video source.

Yes, the mp3 player is pretty basic. I don't like how it can't remember where it was in the playlist, and the lack of song titles complicates navigating back to where you were. In a multifunction gadget like this, it would be normal to interrupt music playback to take pictures, so this deficiency is especially annoying.

In contast, my Samsung i6 displays lots of info about songs, including the bitrate. It also can take pictures while playing music, and can be set to resume the playlist where it left off, even after being powered off. The Samsung cost more, but it can't be very expensive to include these features.
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