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fishycomics wrote:
  • 9 point focal position [/*]
  • a true machro setting [/*]
  • duel battery system Li-on aa [/*]
  • duel format video recorder [/*]
  • infrared night mode [/*]
  • lazer point photo record [/*]
  • wide angle video [/*]
  • wide angle photo [/*]
  • detachable screen [/*]
  • dc /ac option [/*]
  • sterio mic input/output [/*]
  • touchscreen controls [/*]
  • internal lens cap [/*]
  • telescopic internal tripod [/*]
  • duel lenses c,os ccd [/*]
  • waterproof case [/*]
  • weather resistence body [/*]
  • duel battery capartment 2 li-ons
:list can go on and on

Does that thing come turbo-charged? :lol:

Adding to the battery segment:

- Has a menu for the battery that includes How much recording time left for the battery to go kaput! Power-saving options on this menu like dimming the LCD, turning off the not needed led lights, flash off. (This is software... so cost-efficient )

Able to recharge the Li-on battery directly in cam with an AC adapter or USB


- 260k color TFT LCD 3" Screen (I've seen these on the cheap cams on eBay cost not a problem). Hotkey buttons on the screen for fast playback, etc.

Body of the cam:

- Firm buttons and joystick. Any black material that doesnt atract dust nor hairs (static free) and leaves no visible fingerprint marks.

Dream spec:

USB Host to connect to a 80GB+ external hard drive and record there. Integrated Bluetooth to connect with my earphones and my cel phone. :idea:


- Multi-format, enough with the file conversions!! Drag and drop easy file transfer, enough with the renaming to CLIP0001!! Good sound amplifying software, enough with cranking up the volume!! Updatable firmware that includes support to the newest sizes of SD cards, enough with buying 4GB SDs and only supports 1GB!! And also firmware that includes game emulators, Ultimate Doom on a cam , enough with switching between a N-gage (for Doom) and the camera!! And also firmware for new formats, enough using non-compressed formats wasting space!! And also firmware that tells me to shut up, enough complaining like an old man!! :lol:


A Brazilian female model to inspire me cause im inked out (no more ideas with cheap as a parameter), I need to hammer someone...

NO! Not literaly!! :blah:

Later guys, Imma go get frozen and thawed in the future when this cam's available. Most of what I added was software, so its just more hours of a programmer behind a desk.

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A Brazilian female model to inspire me cause im inked out (no more ideas with cheap as a parameter), I need to hammer someone...

A brazillian female model you say...

hmm....that could be done...lol.
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