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xD hope ya'll got the what the heck xD

This camera looks cheap among other things, even says it has "surround" effect and still a multi-function... can anyone look up on this camera? There must be something I'm not reading because this guy doesn't have a single negative feedback on his camera... only on his SD cards xD

Here's his link


This will take you to 1 of his 36 auctions on eBay bout this item.... and why am I asking if I see that this cam is cheap?... well 19+ bids on it including 4 bids from REAL legit eBay ID's and not ones made up by the same Seller to atract attention might be something to get my eye
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take a look at the link you may find something there?

as for theseller or site? ask in the community they'll have info on that person

emil get the company ?
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:?I looked up on your link, I also hit a narrow search criteria and found 658 products... all I did was add Stereo on the search criteria and bam xD 0 results...

Is it THAT impossible to find a great sounding camera with AV-in and I don't care how crappy taking pictures look... its fun to have a camera handy It's just a camera to go around shooting people up close, maybe take pics of girls from behind... :lol:

But im just being picky bout the SOUND, there has to be something out there D:
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