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Sorry to necro post but I thougt this info was worth adding
Would be interested to know if the other 720x480 cameras have this fault.
First posted here
Reposted below

From eBay 140153262312 (not sure how much longer the page will be up)
Has DV600 printed on it as well.
Archived page attached. 1mb eBayISAPI.dll-.mht
nz$340 landed. 3 weeks after payment.
180 grams

Compared to Panasonic Lumix DMC-LS75
(Close enough)
Currently selling nz$300 in farmers
198 grams

My main reasons for wanting to try this.
.720x480 30fps Video Resolution
.AV in capable

First impressions:
Nice little unit.
Not the most comfortable to hold.
The shiny black finish is going to show finger prints real well.
The LCD has got a blue tone to it. Doesn't look quite right.
There is no way to turn off the LCD during movie recording to save power.
A workaround is to connect a 4 way 3.5mm plug into it's AV out socket.

The unit is listed as PAL and NTSC compatible.
I switched to PAL and recorded some live TV.
This changes it's FPS to 25 from 30.
Looks like they cheaped out on the hardware.
As there is noticeable stuffer in the recorded file.
It appears to just drop the extra recorded frames every few seconds.
This does not happen when in NTSC/30 fps mode.

I whipped out an old test chart I had for testing video cameras.
Not the best for testing digital cameras but it's what I had on hand.
Light at the chart was 7000 Lux.

Crops from the full size shots
- This actually looks nicer than the Pana. Sharpness seems to be set higher.

From videos
Fix camera position - Walk then run around the house

Full size shots and videos links.
4.8mb DIGI0009.AVI
11.8mb DIGI0010.AVI


From videos

Full size shots and videos links.
28.0mb P1030191.MOV
33.1mb P1030192.MOV

Since the dv600 has a fixed aperture, it has to use a higher shutter speed for bright situations.
This is good for us as this means it will be using 1/1000 or more on a sunny day.
Leading to less motion blur.
What blur you can see in the video is from the codec rather than from the sensor.

The 720x480 res is a scam.
If you look at the video/snapshot it is just plain 640x480 stretched to 720x480.
Video is still sharper than the Pana due to it's higher shutter speed and internal sharpness processing.
90mins on a 2gb SD, Where the Pana will only get 22mins

AV in should be useful if you don't have a suitable place to mount this.
But it will have to be a NTSC camera so you don't get the stuttering.
Not a major as you want the faster fps anyway.

Is it worth it?
Yes, now just got to use it.
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I just bought a hybrid the SVP HDDV 1800 from E Bay .I am awaiting its arrival . I read a lot of negative reviews and would like to know if this is a good camera ? and if you take video how long will the batteries last ? Were can I find a good user manual for it as I read the current one that ships out with the camera does not contain precise instructions .

Kind Regards ,and thank you for a great forum!
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could anyone help?
I bought this SVP HDDV 8800 camera but since i bought it, whenever i fliped the lcd display to take a picture, it always show inverted image.
could this due to setting?
please i need help because i have not enjoy it for a day!!!!!!!!!!
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you turn on cam

you have the screen correctly upright

you see live feed upside down.

That is what you are saying?

1. does this only, and only happen on a still shot, or does it happen with the video as well?

If this occures, I wonder if a loose part that inverts the live feed, a magnet, has fallen off of the main body, or inside the lcd scree.

I am no pro, but to open the screen will be to look at the hybrid and see how you can gently lift apart.

if it is more then the screen, and lies in the body, then before I attempt:

3 I get a magnet and wave it near the sensors locations.

4. when you have cam do you hear any loose parts moving

then I open up the main body if that made it function.

I hope the troubleshoot was not to bad and helped out?

Warranty. send in for repair

off warranty you know the answer

last question when screen is inverted and you snap it comes out correctly or is the vid and pic upside down I believe you only see the live feed, and can be good when filming straight foward shots, but when self portraits its bugging you.
These are Pc low Budget Economy Hybrid camcorders Great for the Daytime Outdoor shots
Light on the Object video made. No light No Video
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