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Battery life, ugh, 6 times as much please. According to the manual, the component reverts to D1 resolution while filming (no real need). Except for the battery I recommend it over the Sanyo and any current camera in between, until people starting coming out with cameras of an descent top bit rate, at least 9mb/s-24mb/s. If people want something much better I would recommend the Canon HV20/10 etc.
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Hi xphyle

Many thanks for all the info on the Go HD.

Did you see on the German Aiptek web site a Z 300 firmware upgrade just published today ?

Here is the link : ( the upgrade file is hidden under the TAB"Telechargement /Download" )


Be carefull with the upgrade procedure. I don't know what kind of protection is proposed by Aiptek but if the newfmw is buggedyou haveto be able toreload the precedent version.

Good Luck.

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Ha ha ha so there is Flaw, and it is rather fast for a fix? LMAO.

1. how many members are or were willing to Purchase a Go? gathering all the members we could have asked Aiptk for a great discount? but you know what they say?

not even in house

2a battery/sd covers Is-Dv the sd card will pop out under stress given the oppertunity. When first purchased , I had this happen, only once.

2b the mpvr or whatever hybrid cover yes it will pop/slide off given where the camera was located pocket of course, the more you open/close, the more the pop off?

I say they could have made a flip door slide the battery or sd card in, but try getting a replacement if broken, so keeping old style/school I say it's fine?

Awesome shot but is there a manual with this as well as the warranty?
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Xphyle or other owners, here's my list of requests, based on my experiences with the MZ-DV:

1. How many gradations of exposure does the camera have (check by going to manual exposure)? Do you get any exposure "rolling" or "searching" when shooting mixed light scenes (e.g. shooting from shade into sunlight or vice versa, or shooting a scene partly shade and partly not)?

2. How does the stabilizer work? Is it very noticeable when it's on, or does it do its job quietly? Can you post a clip of general stabilizer work, plus some panning and fast action with the stabilizer on?

3. How long does that battery really last?

So far from what I have seen the image quality in daylight, scenic type work is outstanding. The above 1 and 2 are the major gripes I had with the MZ-DV, aside from general image quality.
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Aiptek Go-HD and Instant Theater just arrived... charging now! I'll report my initial findings later today.

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Hey all. Sorry for the lack of updates lately! Just read about and SUCCESSFULLY UPDATED the firmware in my GO-HD. I only wish I knew what the firmware addressed. It doesn't mention anything in the release notes. Just instructions on how to do it. Oh well. The only think I noticed so far, and I have only turned it on to check the FW version after my update, is that the BEEP is higher pitched now when selecting different options. Weird. Hopefully they've done other good things with the FW. Someone find out what changed and post it!

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Please do not forget to post some pictures....
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FYI, I purchased the GO-HD along with this 8GB SDHC card:


Luckily, the GO-HD & this card work fine together even though Aiptek's testing of 8GB cards, uh, left a lot to be desired. Since the H.264 encoding gives more bang for the bit, it has no trouble keeping up with the camera unlike the TX4 reviewer on that page.

First impressions:

* Zoom - It's loud and slow. It's clearly audible on recordings. Spend more money if you want better quality zoom. Luckily, I don't care.

* Decoding H.264 - On Linux, the xine backend did the best job of decoding. On Windows, I recommend using the decoder from Apple's Quicktime (www.apple.com/quicktime). However, the Quicktime player was so bloated, that it actually chopped up video playback on my plenty-fast Core Duo. After installing Quicktime, install Media Player Classic (sourceforge.net/projects/guliverkli/). It will use the decoder that Apple's Quicktime installs, but with its own, far superior, front-end. This combination yields the best result for me.

* Autofocus - The autofocus quality might depend on how you hold the camera. I believe the sensor under the flash handles the autofocus, and unfortunately it's conveniently located where a finger may rest. I wasn't pleased with the autofocus of the panoramic video that was posted earlier, but I'm wondering if the autofocus was struggling because of the way the camera was held. I haven't seen it as bad as the earlier video, but I haven't played with it much yet. It's worth looking into.
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Thanks MmmmJoel. I've got the same exact 8gb SDHC card and it seems to be working - my 1st hour with the Go-HD.

Zoom is loud - very disappointing.

The grip is hard to hold - somewhat too wide for my hand. I'm used to the Sanyo Xacti HD1a. Overall camera is lightweight but plastic.

Low light video has been impressive although I'm noticing a lot of multi-colored "speckles" if I zoom into my videos/pictures. Also, there might be some "dead spots" or dead pixels (not sure what to call it in a camera). Maybe if I turn down the gain?

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Yea, the grip is definitely awkward, but I think my worries about that black bar are invalid. Avoiding the bar would have made it far worse. I think it's just cosmetic. The manual does not label it as anything. It is a bit thick and chunky.

Second impressions:

Overall, it is exactly what I expected from a cheap electronics manufacturer's first foray into the budget HD market that undercut all of its rivals by 50%. That it is HD and encodes directly into H.264 AVC without any intermediaries are worth the $300 alone to me. It allows me to record 4.5 hours of HD on a $70 card! That can't even be done with the models twice as expensive. The technicals are unmatched, especially at this price (as of yet).

Everything else is secondary, both to Aiptek and admittedly to me. It's cheap plastic, awkward grip, bad autofocus, loud zoom, cheap battery cover, no lens cap, etc. If you are a prosumer trying to cut corners on an HD cam, this is not it. You will be disappointed. If you want a holdover throwaway cam that will do the job until the HD market matures and better stuff comes along, then this is for you (and me).
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