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Hello everyone. Recently a few weeks ago, I bought myself an LG 32' LCD TV (model number 32lc7d). I bought the TV because of its "A/V out" capabilities (which is what the Aiptek PVRuses to record videos from the television). Anyway, I hook up my ps3 to my tv using Composite cables (red-white-yellow) andI hook up my camcorder. I get a signal from the TV on my camcorder just fine. The only problemthen was videogame lag on the TV (most HDTVs do this). So I take it upon myself to go to Best Buy and buy an HDMI cable for my PS3 and TV (the tv has 2 hdmi inputs). So I bring the HDMI cable home, excited to try it out on the new TV, right? I hook the HDMI cable up to my TV and ps3 and everything works! Woohoo! Now that the videogame lag is eliminated, I can finally record what I wanted to do ever since I bought the TV - videogame movies. This is where my problem lies. I hook up the camcorder via A/V out on my TV and my PS3 is hooked up via HDMI. On the camcorder, I get sound, BUT NO VIDEO SIGNAL! Now, this strikesme as strange because supposedly, the audio and video are together in the A/V out port (and the A/V out port issupposedly separate from HDMI). I get audio on my camcorder but NO VIDEO SIGNAL???? Does ANYONE know how I can get video on my Aiptek PVR from an HDMI signal using the A/V out port on my tv??????? Is there a solution to this problem? Has anyone experienced this problem? Many thanks to anyone who can provide input on this issue! Thanks everyone!
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I do not bother with the tv output on a tv,what I do I go through the vcr.

1 ps3 has an output try utilizing those cables. did you try that?

2. did you try avcr or even dvd method, sometimes you need the vcr video in/output on?

the trouble you have I ask, thesupport center of th tv you bought? wish I have the answer for you but again welcome?
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Could be the content protection on the HDMI, is their an option to turn it off for unprotected content.

If you really want the best, go to:


The $349 version records component/av as well. If your PS3 sets HDMI content protection on it won't be able to record it through HDMI though.
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