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I was trying to work with the casio to get it up andrunning if I hada hammer or the cord was longenough to reach the floor , yes I would have had it working

the lens opens and turns on/off the unit as well as the rear on/off. somehow if it malfunctions in the store , I think itwoulddo thesame a lil longer down the road? may be true or not ?

But if BB , CC etc can Ask the manufacturer to makea special unitto be powered on, yes We would all have tested out a working model. that is secured? So I must rely on a purchase and a return, not enough Authority to get a beta-tester or find the right samples we want?


I have gotten a working panasonic fz-10 sweet1 all I can say, I loaded my sd card in and I madesure I saw 16:9 and confirmed. After i shot a panned shot in .mov and a few others I noticeda few things

1. after I finsihed the .mov and looked at my sd card "on theBB pc" :G

I saw two files a .jpeg and the .mov cnfused me , just for a second. would not display a .mov?

35 mb of 10-15 sec clip


direct DL of a file


So I waited till I got home. looking at the pic/video

the video showed SO much BLUE it shocked me i do not know if someone fooled with the camera or that was WOW how bright it filmed?

2 I attempted to zoom in while recording. that made pull my sd card out immideataly and proceedto another model, " NO ZOOMING in RECORD"

I can say what a video shot but what a downer . so I hope to keep my Eye out for an operating casio, and hoping to see a Go-HD in thestores working LMAO as i may just break down for a casio

casio issweet but both are sore to my eyes

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Hi, Fishy,

I just tried a Panny DVD D-230 and was surprised at the stills being bluish, just as you mentioned. Am about to order the D-300 to get the built-in lenscap, remote and great still resolution up to 3 MP.

Am looking forward to more of your reviews.
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thanks Birdy this was just an Off-topic thing.

I went in to look at the casio, and though tI try out the panny?

gald you agree'd and was not me seeing blue? Lol

I may go in a few days to grab a 4 gig card for 40.00 wow at BB cheap?

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