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Aiptek GO- review click me


Click the above make me some points

Youtubes play list of all footage Please view http://www.youtube.com/view_play_lis...7228AA2547D812

What to expect in this review:
1 A little history, pricing, and intro.
2 detail description of the hybrid in full.
3 operation of the cameras right to the video shoot
4 stills
and conclusion

In early March Aiptek Aires the go-Hd click meaiptek.de video
The Aiptek go-hd has hit the Usa, and was released for sales late may, some were able to place their orders in advance and recieve their models?

The Price was set at retail of $499.00usc and can be found at Aiptek.com for 299.99usc sold out within hours , of having only 10 for stock. The Aiptek Go-hd was being offered at a great discount from a Membership club , called Costco/price club at 250.00 plus a free docking station /free shipping- tax must be added on and wait 5 days for the purchase to go through,and addtional fee for faster shiping. Now back in stock again for a limited time at 229.99usc and shipping fees and taxs apply. The Online price was at 256.00 at other online stores and as high as 332.00. Now that the Hybrid is out in full force , or is it, they are slowely pulling the docking station away, and only the camera can be found. Amazon is one of the places you may notice a price change and excluding docking station? all in all, Always check for the hybrid you'll find a great deal, be careful if it is not a trusted site.

On with the review

A. From the MPVr-to-pvr-to-zoom-dv-to-mz-dv-go-hd. mpvr+,pvr+,pkdvr The default5 meg , interpolated hybrid made its way from 6 meg interpolated with digital zoom to 12 meg interpolation with 3x optical zoom in no time, specific models only)the long wait is over, and we're back to square one with less features but higher definition, in quality.

Sacraficing av input Internal memory, higher interpolation, no mp3 player?

Adding additional features as:video settings of: 720 P (H264) up to 30 fps, 720x480 (D1), and 352x240 (CIF), usb/internal charging, hd output, and optical/machro mode of a close range can beexciting.

Future additions would be the topping of the cake are for example:

Av input, bypass hd quality, mp3 player, longer battery life, and additonal format .mov,asf, jpeg, .wav, stereo input mic and external mic.

Now that we'reopened up the can of worms lets get right down into the details of the hybrid, from the online store to the unboxing of the camera.

Chapter One: UnBoxing theAiptek Go-Hd,and a sdcard (sdhc).

*Sdhc cards will only works on updated pcs, and a usb 2.0 card reader is needed.

Section 2 detailed descriptionof the hybrid in full? (320x240 pics)

Here it is, all those who have been waiting for, now finally all the broken down to the -T- descriptions.

1. left/center/right. As taken note, the Aiptekinc seal, Yes my Aiptek was given, paid, dropped at my Doorstep -Super fast. if your aiptek does not have a seal it is not hi-fedelity, or aiptek. Inside again a unsafe plastic Container, careful on the fingers to the young ones. No protection , but a plastic bag, and box.

USA models go-Hd, overseas Z300HD

2 docking station / hybrid . Left, the docking station consist of a manual 15 3x3 of info, it is a charging station, fm clock and more , excellent for on the go Person, further detailssee no.XX

hybrid consists of , 1 remote, 2 battery's 2 playback, usb plugs 1 camera strap, 1 camera and 1 ac adaptor. and case , not in picExcluding a battery port(IS-DV fits), and tripod and a lens cap.,

3.battery , tft screen side 130 MIN RECHARGE TIME 20-60 MIN RECORD TIME

Battery door design changed, not at al, older hybrid fits. Speaker area not located on side the go-hd is a stamp, inside the battery can be located, aswell as the sd/mmc/sdhc card, you can let hte card lay in without seated if wanted.

tft screen side, Aiptek labeled with a matelic look Hd nicely stamped, hd-dv camcorder 3x opt zm.

4. front back

front view: The lens is stamped 3x opt, 7.5-21.5mm/f3.6-6.7(sore eyes) looking into the lens it is of a glas diameter, and a sensor, a machro close up is needed. below the lens are the two L.E.D. lights, the flash a milimeter smaller than the orginal MPVr, and on the sides two unclear markings (not the sensors) below the flash is the remote and then thelongated camera strap holder.

back :top has a duel split light right has a red charge for charging,

mode nav menu nd just below your shutter for the camera then thezoom and below the record for camcorder newely designed. you have a AV out jack, behind a clippeddoor a usm, and hd out jack.

5 top view, bottom view
left top view, the matalic wrap goes above andaround andon top the rear shows a mic with arounf 25 holes.

bottom the tripod(metal housing) and a fatter bottom for a better standing capabilities.

now that I have gone over the details of the hybrid, I can comment on what I own? The Hybrid is an Upgrade from its other class cameras, but lack a Av input, and ear buds, this leads to a future model and more money? Imagine recording 720P quality? hd-dv quality? no words. so that I am happy. The body is Plastic, and excludes a interior lens cap, case, and tripod. Controls will take time to get used to as anything new it takes time. I can go out filming , and say hey I have a hd-dv hybrid, and look it is small andcompact, has a great colour scheme navy blue, no more silver/black body that may show scratchs, on silver. Enough said

rated for detail
section 3 operation of the Hybrid all video's have an expiration due to megaupload plese click.

First time turning on cover your eyes, the duel led lites are blinding, not talking about the front l.e.d.s, the blue one in the rear. as you turn on, with the ac plugged on the right green is lit,( may turn orange)and the left turns blue.

3 second start up? not bad way better than 7 secs, and no sound, apon the 1st turn on. I automatically hit the record button with the ac cable be careful.

1 as I will go through the buttons I try out the Zoom, it makes no noise but you feal the zoom in hand, and that said it sure wil pick up the sound from the very sensitive speaker for sure. in my case not at all.

Off I go, out to my backyard, at 8pm on a summer evening clear but overcast-to -showers, late night.
as I already have H264 codecs loaded, I decide to load wmp codecs for quicktime it changes the .mov quicktime to wmp circles

At evening, I am set to get my low light shots in, here are the go, and mpvr for comparison, remember orginal footage will be loaded to upfordown.com, and youtube and or viddler for others.

click vid** they are direct DL's of under 30 secs per video all videos are of 15Second increments of panning from daylight till total darkness.

Videos are ailable for direct DL- at upfordown.com,megaupload, youube, all are actual footage no minipulations.

As in the evening hours, I am all set to start testing, I grab my handy go-hd - casio exislim - mpvr, and do a comparison tests. some videos will vary due to time andweather , I do appologise , but you realy get to see the hybrids in action.

VId one test. my back Yard panning as the sun is pass the houses and at 8am-9m darkness excellent low light situations from start to end

go-hd8:15 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=TCSHXJO1
go-hd 8:30 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=PW52EXQU

casio 8:30

mpvr 8:30

go-hd 8:45 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=BPZ0LWP0

casio 8:45

mpvr 8:45

go-hd 9:00 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=8YS0KGO9



vid two test front yard the flowers while sun is down and low light is a solid go.



mpvr 825

go-hd 8:30 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=V1PGONRO

casio 8:30

mpvr 8:30

vid three test, driving at highway speeds, scenery, road, and bridges, and tunnes you'll get a excelent focal point, and low light situation in an AM hour


casio highway http://www.megaupload.com/?d=YUVO2WKM

mpvrhighway http://www.megaupload.com/?d=CTZCHC8T

wmv youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/A5XXqXYGvno
vidfour test. around the city limit you'll see the ski , and the area of traffic well situated with trucks andcars and low lighting.

go-hd atlantic

casio atlantc http://www.megaupload.com/?d=73M60SUU

mpvr atlantic http://www.megaupload.com/?d=PU9MPMTA

vidfive test. the bklyn bridge, lights above and scenery perfect for a smear, and low lighting.

go-hd bkln br

casio bklyn br http://www.megaupload.com/?d=D5VA98OK

mpvr bklyn br http://www.megaupload.com/?d=I5WIU1XS

vidsix test. going in the tunnel you'll get a great low light shot with well lit areas.

go-hd tunnel

casio tunnel http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5M04KOX8

mpvr tunnel

vid seven test in the suburbs or outside thecity linits you'll see a better shot as it gets truely lighter

go-hd suburbs

casio suburbs

mpvr suburbs

videight test, driving test in daylight sound radio, andvoice all windows closed.

go-hddrive http://www.megaupload.com/?d=PQEC9BXA

casio drive

mpvr drive http://www.megaupload.com/?d=K7MA9D3V

vidnine test 5cm machro test closing in on a bee and doing my best not to bother him.

go-hd bee http://www.megaupload.com/?d=85OK29WQ

casio bee

mpvr bee n/a

vidten test 3x optical zoom grabbing footage of the oceanon the rocks , listening to thesoothing sounds

go-hd ocean http://www.megaupload.com/?d=XHH8AAGM

casio ocean


videlevin test resolution size of the go-hd 180x720 are all vids, here are the 720x48 and 352x240

go-hd 720x480 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=6NXDS2FM

go-hd 352x240 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5GQFZ7NK

vid eleven. as bypassers go by on a still video

go-hd still http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5GQFZ7NK

casio still

vid twelvetest zooming in, on a bypasser to a toal of 3x optical zoom.


vid thirteen viewing cars go by for steadiness of hybrid.

go-hd steadiness http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5GLAJ6LA

casio steadiness

rated for quality

rated for sound

Section 4 pictures

As normally it is hard for one to show a good pic, but hey holding thecamera steady for a count is realy not needed anymore. the camera has an Auto locking center frame , when turns , green, press , and you got a picture, my pics were in a moving car so that said enjoy.

1 night tine well lit no flash. the court house is a perfect capture but just a lil blurry.

2, while passing the aiprort, I know that plane was big, and what the camera saw.

3. last pic we know it is the bridge,

4. well have to toss in a 3x optical zoom enjoy, b/c I cannot find any digital zoom on this hybrid?

what I found about taking the pics i had to wait for focus lock and when it locked , I was set. I did not have to wait 7 sec'sstart time or 5, just 3 secs and off I went. a lil getting used to.


section 5. conclusion

Wish I could comment more on this hybrid, the mp3, voice record, or Av input.

As I will break down, into segments, then the whole hybrid

1 video

2 picture

3 features & functions

4 settings

5 as a whole hybrid

my thoughts are:

Aiptek WOW!, got a great hybrid, looks AWESOME. a thicker model, beefed up. Cutting out most of the extras, for future models, guess I can live with that, leaves for modifications . This is An Awesome VIDEO recorder, and an improvement on stills. battery life is well within reason, and zoom is a steady medieum slow stream, perfect, if you ask me, cutting out the digital on the hybrid. The Icon, and lcd background has an improvement if it is, to some. I realy enjoyed this hybrid and Only , can recommend for two reasons andjust that

VIDEO - and- LOW LIGHT. sound may be off on my model, zoom was perfect with no sound.

Now what I did not like of the go-Hd:

possable defect on mine, sound was garbled and noted the mic, anddecided to do a demo- test with the screen on, but when on a run, in the car, where was my music, all I hear garble, even on a snails pace with my last vid, even on a defect test, it was a failure.

The tft screens background Yellow and white, was not to my liking a lil hard on my sore eyes? the screen felt a little slack , like the screws were again missing locktite and had a great feal when closed, real secure.

needed time for some controls to et usedto, and found a comfty knuckle record on thehybrid , rather use m thum tip , I used the knuckle.. the auto night light awesome feature but not needed on such a flaweless low light hybrid.

All the added extras it is well worth the money where can you get :

two (1) 20.00 extra batterry one (1) remote 16.00 one (1) ac adaptor 11.00 one (1) case 10.00 and one (1) hi-fedelity docking station 60.00 a total of 107.00usc or more.

The Go-Hd is not a professional model, but more catered to the economy, take that into concidertion, compare this to a 1000.00 usc model, and , let me tell you, you may be happy, and very please what this bad boy can do? that said

my rating on over all

thank you moderator Fishycomics


note battery charging from 630pm 8 pm green lite on right lite

Is-DV port 730 pm charge


no digital zoom only optical.

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Converting .mov to a editing format with Super C click me

updated firmware 1.4 for the go-hd no default DL at your own risk.


go-hd 1.5 version again Dl at your own risk


updating firmware

1. Take a SD card and format it to FAT format by PC.

2. Copy the attachment "hydam_z5x.bin" to SD card (SD card only. Z5X does not support MMC card)

3. Insert the SD card to Z5X and turn on the camera.

4. Press the MODE button to enter the Mode Main Menu window.

5. Press backward button (first button on the panel upside) and Video record button together for 2 seconds to start the F/W upgrade procedure.

6. The LCD Display will show" Please wait", and the blue LED will glimmer for a few seconds. (around 30 sec).

7. When the process is complete, the LCD Display will show "FW Update OK", then restart the DV to check the FW version.

How to check the F/W version?
  1. Turn on the DV.
  2. Press the MODE button to enter the Mode Main Menu window
  3. Press the backward (on the panel upside) and Mode button two buttons together to check the F/W version.
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As the Go-HD will never gt software to edit, it is such a simple 5,00 placed to aiptek for presto videoworks5 or even Power director pro3 check out theurwebsite shipping shuld not bemuch moe. even our Competitor the Mustek dv4500 is anotehr great source.
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thanks for all your hard work here. I recently go my Aiptek go-hd and the method described for updating firmware is just not working for me. I formatted a brand new SD card and downloaded the firmware (which I had to take from megaupload) and renamed it to hydam_z5x.bin. I put it on the SD card just at the root folder and tried pushing the buttons (the record button and the "back" button to the side of the LCD panel) to update firmware. Do you know if there is a step missing? Should the firmware be in a special folder or something?

Oh and I am trying to do 1.5 directly maybe I need to try 1.4 and then do 1.5?

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yursil wrote:

thanks for all your hard work here.

Oh and I am trying to do 1.5 directly maybe I need to try 1.4 and then do 1.5?
ursil, thank you very much nd for posting to the review it is the place to be at?

1 I would like to have the firmware default and upgrade Please for my personal records Please:!:

1. sequence is hard what are the steps? if they're the same as the MPVR then you need to kep trying?

if you hit screen play and camera pic together in the ICON of playback you see the firmware. * I do not have the go in my hand now the mpvr shows firmware hw........

2 you format the sd in the pc try fat32 then regular I forget.

you place in the sd card no dcim folder etc just the firmware which should be the elf file

3 hit record and play f the screen done. camera will say sd burn......... 1 minute later shuts off

that is how the MPVR is formatted?

again I like to se the firmware?

I recommend not fdoing it unless you have the default.
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thanks fishy,

I got it working.. basically I found an old SD card (32 MB) that I used with an old Palm and formatted it and used it for the firmware upgrade. That worked (I was originally trying my 2gb and 8gb cards)

it didnt solve my problem (audio) but thats a seperate story. I called aiptek and they said most go-hd's have some sort of audio problem and its hit or miss as far as whether they will work well or not. I ended up returning it.
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was the issue in just a standard room or in a car?

I found that the electronics will interefere with the device? they never have the answer we're looking for?

if you have too many devices near the hybrid yes it may cause audio issues?

1 if in a silient room you'll pick up the gear noise of the AF, normal?

now do you again have the default, and update firmware to share?
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I noticed the other day that Walgreens online have the GO-HD for $199 and then they also show it in the flier that arrived today. Maybe they're blowing them out and planning to put the A-HD in the stores?

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I almost hit the buy button 5.00 shipping is a steal o docking station, so I wonder if it is a newer version as well 205 plus tax i do not know I cannot remember the last time I had it from them dang and you need to enter a CC boo hoo

? will think hard if worth having again?
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There will always be new models with improvements. Plus some of the other hybrid makers will start adding HD video to their line. Things will get more interesting. I was looking at the Kodak with 720p the other day at CC. I'll have to go look for some clips from it.

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