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Using a MDV CB at 720x480 at 30fps W/ a HIGH SPEED SD card you could make a divers camemra case prett darn easy! Add a diving floodlight on your head and put the remote control AND camera into seal a meal bags! IR won't pass through glass but plastic it may. If not you can put it in the same bag with the camera and seal it. Just set it up to bounce thebe am into the sensor. tiny piece of foil or something. If it does pass just seal it in another bag.

With the view finder flipped over it's posible to make this work. If you get optical distortion just use a good waterpfoof bullet cam with night illumnation.

Take it step furthure and get a small 10 amp alarm battery sealed up to run camera and lights longer than your air will last! Seal the leads with silicone and there you go... a disposable waterproof camera housing! You could run the camera off a USB port if you are any good with making things. Cell phone 12 volt adapters are putting out 3.2 volts. Cut into a usb cable and using the correct leads you're in business.

Seal up everything with silicon. Turning off the auto shut off will keep camera on if remote doesn't turn on and off. Power is no longet a problem. Designed right you can make it so you never have to take the camera out of the bag. Unless powering down means having to actually hit the push botton. in that case you need to figure out a way around that.

Let me know what you think of this "disposable" camera case!
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