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Here I have taken some of my personal time to create a h264 video, and place online to show some programs that edit and play file formats.

regular .mov formats will have no problem playing

h264 .mov will need updated codecs.

In these format files they are already updated, and you will see Ulead movie wizard 3.2 does not do a good Job. You have the option to go into the customesettings that will correct the issue if you do not know this you'll be dissappointed in the programming.

Muvee4 another program that does a neat job as well a lot easier to use with a little more simplicity works out just fine.

a converter and you need to have a full version will get you into Windows moviemaker.

All in all thosewho are looking to edit their video these are your options

A. a converter

B muvee4

Ulead movie wizard.

presto video works 6

and more enjoy

These will do the job of transfering your files. but and may or may not replay H264 ormat. up tp date video editing tools may be needed


Ulead movie wizard 3.2 se vcd accepts quicktime, avi asf

.mov format

1 .mov raw footage, saved as wmv 1280x720 hd quality23 plus fps


2 .mov-converted-to-avi-format, saved to wmv1280x720 hd quality 23 plus fps


3 custome setting avi 720x480 .mov- to a saved avi

655 mb no need to show aworking file


Muvee 4 accepts Quicktime asf, ....*not avi

.mov format

.mov raw footage saved as 720x480 30 fps




.mov-saved as wmv 720x480 25 fps


asf format


Windows moviemaker


n/a in xp needs converting

.mov-converte-to-av- to wmv 640x480 setting


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