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Welcome to another review, and one can realy read up on Steves professional review in The sires homepage EX-V7review me.

This review is a comparon to other models out there , I chose the one I liked best the Casio EX-V7 exislim model and the Aiptek G0-Hd.

Both Models run a near 300.00usc.

Casio online lowest price was a steal when I purchased @200.00 plus, while the Aiptek ran 299.99 and dropped to 229.99. both a decision one must make, when a camera is at hand?

The Aiptek's own review can be found here
Aiptek go-hd review. When purchasing any item, it is best to look at what one can afford, and understand the differences between 'economy" and "high end"

Economy wil have all the bells and whistles , and possably more but at a lesser grade, while a high end model may be simple and plane but cost a lot of money, it is like saying a hyundai wil get you far but only last 4 years while a toyota will run forever, both will get you from point A to B and back.

Lets look at the casio for comparison first?

1 the flash gif you'll notice how nicely the camera comes packed?

2 When opening , you can see all its parts packaged and may be re-stored or placed away for future moving, or selling?

3 You have everything needed, except the tripod, and case? has cables, usb, cradle, strap, and a simple manual to foolw, battery, and camera

Shot at 2007-06-15

The Aiptek Go-Hd

1 as you see the camera comes in its plastic container, and an optional docking station? if you are careful you can try your best to save the containers?

2 while displaying the Go you have a lot of extras 2 batteries, a carrying case usb cables and more.

While both come equipted with their own unique supplies, and extras, it is great to see money well invested, if for the Casio, or Aiptek?

looking at these extras I say Aiptek will win hands down?

1 having a usb charger, and an option docking station, I can only charge one battery at a time, but if I had Purchased or used my IS-DV charger i am set to charge to batteries at the same time? The Ac adaptor works well for slide shows or playback, and if the docking station is used you may listen to the radio, and watch your videos or pics? and using the remote control, as well being universal only to the aiptek models?

2 The casio you wil need to Purchase an additional battery charger, and that will be no problem at all. The cradle hooks up to the pc and allows you to playback and work in the camera if on the pc or not. and use the cradle as a tv playback for tv slidees etc?

well now that We looked at both models lets take a further step into the casio?

The casio has a excellent body feals rock solid, and made, or catered to more of a righty , than a lefty? The camera is heavy, how heavy, not enough to make your arm tired, but to tell you " hey i am in your hand" The aiptek Kinda says " be careful I am here do not drop me" Aluminum, Vs. Plastic? you decide

I dropped my mpvr a few times and it survived, but my last drop broken the use of the navigation button, but still works if held just right? and that drop wa only less then a foot? Guess it was the right angle?

As I compare the screens, and showing from the pdf file you'll seeCasio to the left Aiptek to the right. Casio hassome more functions and is easily accessable, than the aiptek has to offer. having a spin wheel allows you to thumb through the features of video stills, and diffrent manual settings, while using the nav button turning on/off the histogram, and other features on the lcd, that shows 5 extremely bright lights.

Shot at 2007-07-04

The aipte you have to go through the menu and thumb down taking a tad longer just to get the icon on/off while casiois a right click done, to turn on/off . Both show excellent detail, andcan be improved to a bigger size, Aiptek finaly did one good thing make the unbearable clear andwhite lettering to a yellow and whute background, making it even harder , or easier to see, depending onthe situation.In High Noon ,extreme glare , I had the upmost trouble trying to see any viewable tft screen. so yes the Aiptek is hard, as well as the casio, but I am able to se the casio dueto its extreme lighting conditions.

Shot at 2007-07-04

Both the Casio and Aiptek have a center AF still capture square , it is not shown on the Aiptek, but there? AF and stabilization of the casio and added feature will follow the subject around and turn green, ifyou do not like that feature they also have a Nine (9) frame focual point. Awesome This is called tracking Auto tracking

Just take a look at the demo gif

Shot at 2007-07-04

A feature I am amazed with that works like a charm Sony, and other companies have this and call it other names. cannot mess up on a good shot?

Casio has a higher optical zoom with added Digital zoom, than can be turned on/off, Aiptek takes away its Digital zoom all together, and replaces with not a thing, leaving you short, or like I feal cheated out of extras? Digital zoom is great but if only used in part, and not full causing Jaggies? We can always correct with software?

Stabilization is offered on the Casio, but not the Aiptek, thus again fealing , left out, and casio not only offers one type but multiples, a demo can be shown

the skeliton is the key here

36 picture settings, and 10 movies as well 1 in each are designated to the User? Demo needed

Movie modes: scenery, night scene, fireworks back light, high sensitivity , silient, start movie, Past movie,voice recording, and regitsered user.

Shot at 2007-07-04

Pic mode: portrait , scenery portrait with scenery, children, sports, candelight portrait, party, pet, flower, natural green, Autumn leaves, soft flowing water splashing water, sundown, night scene night scene Portrait, fireworks, food, text, collection, auction backlight, high sensitivity, monochrome, retro, twilight, layout, layout (2), auto framing, id photo, old photo buss cards docs, white board etc, and registered user.

Shot at 2007-07-04

Now that is Amazing, what can I say about the aiptek

two in one photo, and that is it that means you snap a shot, and if your person is around, or have to chase after for5 minutes, you must kee that camera on, it is a great feature do not get me wrong, butagain a photshop can do thesame, andlets not forget 10-in-1 frameshots, again making your own boarders in asoftware will be a better choice due to keeping the orginal content. Let us notforgt that 36 plus 10 camera saved settings are at our finger tips and is just a thumb nail away, wish the aiptek would have embedded this feature in thedevice, less the items removed without replacement? Increased, orchanged a cmos chip that works well for the Aiptek is a step foward, but casio to me seems to be looking mighty fine so far.

Battery testing


I have placed my device, turned on the camera, and ready to record , with a 4 gig sdhc card in I see over 2 hours of Video, around 2hr 30 min's a fully charged battery , that takes around 160 mins to charge or less, in the cradle.

The test above shows tha the camera in movie mode can and hold its ground , no " 10 min" clips, unlimited to the card is finished, and if the battery dies the movie "WILL" be saved, then go to low battery, and not just shut off losing a file? time will vary with Zoom, and on/off and pic taking. if we're going todo a combo yes then I can see a less er time, and a second or sparebattery is always needed, and a sd card?

Did I not mention this was in the highest quality shot H264?

I was told 25 min's is tops on this baby, was that person wrong?

Now the Aipte will get 30 mins and come out aroud 50 minutes average, supplyiing a spare battery, but not allowing at low battery a save, unless you quickely do so by yourself , you got 3 secs before ..sounds like a mission Impossable theme there?

As I tested both models, the Casio is Silient, in zooming, makes no motor , or electronic sounds. The Aiptek will make a machanical sound, and as well pick up the gear noise through the mic? certain models of the Aiptek will be silient, and certain ones will be more obvious? you can feal it workin, while the casio is cool to the touch, and the Aiptek is on fire? can there be a capacitor missing or heat shield left out? Aiptek works harder, and may be on certain models cooler to the touch, mine just happend to be cooloer and quieter on the zooming and heat. can I say this for the casio, that metal body keeps it comfty.

I am basicaly near my finish of the testing. between both Models, one being of casio ex-v7 exislim, andthe other the Aipte go-hd (previous models the mpvr), there are great improvements of the Aiptek, and thecasio, I'll comment with Aiptek forst.

Aiptek go. If you are looking for economy with a great bang for your buck 299.99 lowering down to 229.99, it is a hit and miss on the newer versions out there, you must go online and Purchase, leaving you guessing on a model, but never guessing on a manual to read up and learn, trusting a person today online to give you a review personaly , not professionally, a pro will always leave out Demo vids andshow the same scenerio shot to picture perfect.. I preferre to touch the camera, and play with the features. this one for sure has the 16:9 wide screen, every time I need to view I need to correct the video for 4:3 crts. the pc needs updating ,and this hybrid wins hands down without any issues more catered today for mac than pc, but corrected for pc users again Love the device. Wished they added an av in, stereo mic and manual focus, with some movie/pic modes settings. that is why it is a economy model. I will re-purchase again when isues are corrected.


If you are looking for a camera economy to the major brands this one may be for you. selling in the stores 399.99 with added pkg plans, online as low as 200 it is the bang for the buck as well. you recieve software that allows you to edit, and tons of features. right out of the box, it is breath taking, real professional, and quality at its best. you can go into a store and touch this bad bouy but some places will have defect models on display or shells (depending on your location) you are able to take a sd card in and go to the pc and review if time taken. I am stereo mic long battery life. needing to learn the camera with the extra manual settings, this will last me a life time of the camera? till the sd cards are changed..... will re-purchase if I ever need to as I am the owner of this model.


no matter what hybrid, or camer you're after , research is always needed. I own an Olympus that is awesome, and the Aiptek, mustek hybrids. comparing these two models, economy or major brand is


thnk you forviewing some video sampleas are below . Please feel free to comment.........................


for those interested in not Downloading visit my link for flash video on youtube


VId one test. my back Yard panning as the sun is pass the houses and at 8am-9m darkness excellent low light situations from start to end

go-hd 8:30 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=PW52EXQU

casio 8:30

mpvr 8:30

go-hd 8:45 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=BPZ0LWP0

casio 8:45

mpvr 8:45

go-hd 9:00 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=8YS0KGO9



vid two test front yard the flowers while sun is down and low light is a solid go.



mpvr 825

go-hd 8:30 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=V1PGONRO

casio 8:30

mpvr 8:30

vid three test, driving at highway speeds, scenery, road, and bridges, and tunnes you'll get a excelent focal point, and low light situation in an AM hour


casio highway http://www.megaupload.com/?d=YUVO2WKM

mpvrhighway http://www.megaupload.com/?d=CTZCHC8T

wmv youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/A5XXqXYGvno
vidfour test. around the city limit you'll see the ski , and the area of traffic well situated with trucks andcars and low lighting.

go-hd atlantic

casio atlantc http://www.megaupload.com/?d=73M60SUU

mpvr atlantic http://www.megaupload.com/?d=PU9MPMTA

vidfive test. the bklyn bridge, lights above and scenery perfect for a smear, and low lighting.

go-hd bkln br

casio bklyn br http://www.megaupload.com/?d=D5VA98OK

mpvr bklyn br http://www.megaupload.com/?d=I5WIU1XS

vidsix test. going in the tunnel you'll get a great low light shot with well lit areas.

go-hd tunnel

casio tunnel http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5M04KOX8

mpvr tunnel

vid seven test in the suburbs or outside thecity linits you'll see a better shot as it gets truely lighter

go-hd suburbs

casio suburbs

mpvr suburbs

videight test, driving test in daylight sound radio, andvoice all windows closed.

go-hddrive http://www.megaupload.com/?d=PQEC9BXA

casio drive

mpvr drive http://www.megaupload.com/?d=K7MA9D3V

vidnine test 5cm machro test closing in on a bee and doing my best not to bother him.

go-hd bee http://www.megaupload.com/?d=85OK29WQ

casio bee

mpvr bee n/a

vidten test 3x optical zoom grabbing footage of the oceanon the rocks , listening to thesoothing sounds

go-hd ocean http://www.megaupload.com/?d=XHH8AAGM

casio ocean


videlevin test resolution size of the go-hd 180x720 are all vids, here are the 720x48 and 352x240

go-hd 720x480 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=6NXDS2FM

go-hd 352x240 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5GQFZ7NK

vid eleven. as bypassers go by on a still video

go-hd still http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5GQFZ7NK

casio still

vid twelvetest zooming in, on a bypasser to a toal of 3x optical zoom.


vid thirteen viewing cars go by for steadiness of hybrid.

go-hd steadiness http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5GLAJ6LA

casio steadiness

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I think you need to change that white text as it's a tad difficult to read methinks! :G
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As i further the test

I taken out my casio to a firre work display

Oh man. no words for the works but the casio how can I say this

"placing dog food while people food is on the table"

in person like a x-max present on a snowy day.

now why i say this every loud boom that i felt and heard as an echo. should have registered to the stereo, andwhen reviewed on the pc snap crackle pop, that is all I can say, till the video is rendering, and then need to burn a dvd. I know for sure

My trusty MUSTEK did better, anddid not smear the video. yes the CCD did just that. I believe the image sensors were working and what a display at the end you can see almost all the sensors capturing the moment

wonder if the hybrid has a dampner if too loud it softens if too low it expands no I think it has a protective filter .


now if this was the g0. hmm is all I can say

never dissappointed, but again at least I got it on footage further testing needed

update 1: apon renderingto WMV and watching the video I am pleased, just the smear is an issue hoping all night shots will work out next time. if this happens in day time then it is an issue?

here is some photo demos


a tripod is neededwhile the camera is acting like the Aiptek you need to allow the camera to stop flashing green once that is done it is a perfect shot, shutter is working, and this stops you from taking the next action shot a idea of thought to undertand lett he camer do its job

fire work video 6 min enjoy


update 2

As I used super it some how did not like the codec? need to retry with super workedwell with the Aitek go.

I used Ulead video suiete 8se dvd andittaken around 2 hours for 6 minutes ofdvdvideo

got it on my big screen and wow! just that I used my home theater to get the depth but i guess being at the workks andhearing the echo is in memory if wanted a better sound I'll use my camcorder next time.

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