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http://www.youtube.com/v/CV5kgOeoHEga how to video please view

this video will show the go hd file, super doing its job and the converted file crisper and clearerjust a demo


super CDL me

Most of you know Super C is a Freeware program, takes a few minutes to one hour to Dl Depending on your connection. it is Now July 4th H264 codec ready. Follw these simplesteps, and you be amazed that it takes a few secs to convert, that said thank you Super C!

Dl from the Site only, the site takes a little longer to load, be paitient. look towards the botom you'll see ,Super C set up file chose one. Once you saved the file, and opened you will be at step One the actual program go to step one

details of pic

Below is a pic? broken down 1, 2 ,a,b 3,a,b,c,.

No. 1 this is the output container, your video format (see fig 1 A) it is at defualt mp-r , notice mine is set at WMV. you may want to ad dcodecs andsound to match your existing video by looking at the properties,andduplicate in No. 1's area.

2 Will be the video, you may choose a viarity of scale setting , I chose more and used 1280x720 for the Go-Hd. (se fig A) for the add'l features. B. it is set as pal, I changed to NTSC, and left the bit rate as is.

3 will be the place for your file to be converted, (see fig step 2) you are able to drop & drag. A will be the file at the location, B will be the converting line, showing it is loading, and converting. C is the start converting, right click and chose where to place finshed file

* directshow decoder may need to be checked if video doesnot work*

Step one.

In the above pic , open 1 and in 1a you'll chose your desired format.


Shot at 2007-07-05

Step two.

you'll chose a scale for your video resolution, and either pal or ntsc.

Step Three.

Drag & drop your file into section 3, right click on "ENCODE" and output to folder , then "ENCODE" FInished

Shot at 2007-07-05

That is it you're formated and ready to edit

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