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The new Panasonic HDC-SD7 is said to be the "world's smallest and lightest" camcorder which can record video at 1,920 x 1,080 to SDHC cards. The camcorder offers a 10x optical zoom and the same spec as the Panasonic HDC-SD5 3CCD Full HD camcorder. Sadly, the HDC-SD7 looks to be Japan-only for now with a September 8th launch for around $1,188 with tax.
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When these devices are eventually available for under $500 then i'll be in the queue to get one :G
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I want this camera! 7MP, 10x OPTICAL, small, light weight, reputable company. This is one we will have to watch for sure!

Launch prices always tend to be higher. I'm sure they will want to compete with Sanyo's 7MP HD, so the price will probably drop to around $600-$700 by the time it hits the states. Still rather high in price.

In Japan these higher end camera's could easily find a decent market place at this price range, but I'm afraid it will be a harder sell in the states. The way I see it, IMHO that is, these hybrids have planted themselves very nicely among the lower end consumer market. People don't mind spending $100 for these cameras, and they are aware the quality is not the same as miniDV. So when better and more expensive models of these types of cameras come out, like Sanyo and Panasonic, I think a lot of people will think they cost more just because they are "brand names" and assume the quality is the same as under $200 cameras. Not all of course, but a lot of people.

Also at the higher price bracket, they have to directly compete against more traditional DV camcorders costing the same or even less! The American market is a tough market to break in no matter how great the product is! This may effect the decession on what to release here in the states! Sadly we may have to buy a import if we want this or similar models!

I think if the quality is the same as miniDV then they can sell for the same price or more, but if the quality of is still not as good as miniDV, they should sell for less.

But being a gadget junkie and totally addicted to these hybrid camera's, I just gotta have this Panasonic!
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