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When I tell people about using digital cameras for movie clip mode or show them a hybrid one of the things I get asked about a lot are recording times. To be honest, this has never been an issue for me as I tend to only take 1 to 2 minute clips and generally download them to my PC the same day. But some people have it in their minds that the only purpose for video cameras is to record school plays, concerts, and foot ball games where somebody is just going to let it sit on a tripod all day.

Well, I had an opportunity to test this style of recording yesterday. I had a belt test in my martial arts class and it lasted over an hour. Since I was one of the students being tested, I couldn't really be messing with the cameras. So I setup my Aiptek IS-DV2 on a tripod on one side of the room and my new Sanyo CG6 on the other side. Both cameras were in the highest quality settings and both had freshly charged batteries. (two AA rechargables in the aiptek) THe entire test I was constantly worrying about the cameras and if one or both of them would screw up, run out of power, or run out of storage before it was over.

Well, after it was over, I found that both cameras had performed flawlessly. The total recording time was about 1 hour and 5 minutes on both cameras. The Aiptek generated an .ASF file that was 915 MB in size (I only had a1 GB card installed!) and the Sanyo made an .MP4 file that was about 1.5 GB in size. (I had a 2 GB card in it!) Neither of the files were corrupt in any way, which was great. However, both cameras had consumed nearly all of the batteries during that time.

So anyway, as far as reliability is concerned with these two, I'm very impressed. These are the longest video clips I've ever made with a digital camcorder of any kind.

However, I imagine if somebody was trying to record something that went on for 2 hours, they would probably have to stop recording and change batteries at some point.

I will probably insert a few second video clip of the event in my Sanyo camera review I'm currently editing. It should be done on Saturday.

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nicley put, and i agree with you on your testing,

I preferre a AA battery system over Li-ON .

"On my LI-ON the Aiptek IS-DV I recorded a full length drive a good hour plus, I tested out on a transfer forwork. personal vid that I placed up , a duck tour all day with over many seperate clips filling a 1 gig card?

"On my AA the Mustek dv3000 3500,4500 ,I filmed just the same

"I also have a AAA aiptek pocket dv5300 I know I will only get 30 minutes give ortake 2.4-3.0vdc 750 mah)

"Each battery suply are different, and If on a aa system I know you can on your IS-DV2 modd a pack series/parrallel for extra long life or even an ac/dc adaptor

I did that to the IS-DV? your only delema will be that Aiptek when the sd card fills up they will either currupt thefile or save it you may need to testthat out

I love my casio when the battery is exhausted the film will be saved andcamera will shut down, the Aiptek low battery currupted file
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