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my sanyo cell phone has it to yippie

soi do appologise for a lil missleading

I still preferre the sd card with closed clips, as mentioned

If I film and the sd card needs to be closed out at the end like a cd burner

battery life must be within reason at the end?

price is an option and adding to the device may add to the cost as well?
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I'm not sure what the big deal is about a pause button. It makes sense with a tape based recording device because you don't want to sit there and waste tape in between recordings, but you don't want to stop either because many camcorders take a long time to spin up again from a complete stop. But on a hybrid, the stop button works just as well. If you don't want a lot of seperate files, just combine them on the PC. The Sanyo CG6 actually allows you to split files up or combine them together on the camera.
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I agree that not having a pause button is certainly not a show stopper on these hybrids, but I still insist it would be helpful. It would save you on some editing time. Come on, if they can add every thing inlcuding games in these hybrids, a pause button should be easy.

The Sanyo CG6 has just about every thing else I was surprised it did not include a pause for record. You can pause during play back AND zoom in. I really like that. But to be honest, I rarely use it that way, still its very nice to have. You can even take a still pic while you are recording! But no pause button.

I'm not seriously put off by this, I'm ust saying it would sure be nice to have.

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