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Lets se if this sounds like why I carry favorites or not?

1 I headed for a return and looking for my tripod replacements and I needed to head to a home depot?

2 As my First stop was Circuitcity, I said an amusement park behind this building hmm what a perfect opertunity for a vid shot, no it was a practice of the fire trucksLMAO I started Filming. wel not the perect shots, and notto get yelled at as wel, I got some in.


I preferre not to bore you so this is the only sample for now?

3. I got all the angles I possably can had to walk around a lake andfelt Like I was traspassing? I headed to Circuitcity.

4 In there I found a short tripod with 17 inch's ofheight notgood, I also found asunpack simular to the model I already own, butfelt it was not compact like my old ones. I passed. So I browsed and came accorss this item

" the P-DVR-CB 85.95 Lowest price yet in thestore, I grabbed it but hesitated on my purchase for 30 minutes

reason: good:

1 remote 15.00 plus shipping

2 software 20.00 or higher plus shipping

photo eliments 20.00

muvee4 20.00

arc converter 20.00

card reader/writer 20.00

3 ac adaptor 10.00 plus shipping

4. carrying case 5-10.00 plus shiping

camera and accessories XX.XX

If I add all these up for a 720x480 res hybrid I seem to be having a great bargain for sure

reason: bad:

Member or members may y or not like the model due to dark, grainulation and other defects found. remembering all the good-n-bad stuff I decided to hold on to it and go look for an Pc in the back

I said:I can use a remote, ac adaptor thats 30.00 for sure , an extra battery for the IS-DV casue it was black? and vica versa? sell my other one the MPVR and recive a difference in ricing? But I had to include the loss in shipping and ebay fees, while I may get as high as one on the market, even ask a member if he or she wanted it?

right at the Line I am and hte gurl goes N...

I walked off and placed the camera back on the shelf.

Now I went to Target looked at the tripod for 5.00 less from 25.95 and seen the MPVR 150, pvr notto be found. I walked out.

Next stop I said Home depot returned my goods for the tripod clamps another story they did not work out recieved my 10.00 back.

walmart is next store,went in grabbed a cart, and goten my windshield fluids at 88 cents instead of Purchasing in winter for 3.00 per LMAO I stocked up also with waater. I went over to the counter of the cameras andwhat did I see? that lil lil camera adric22 did for 10.00 close out, I also seen this other model for 20.00 it wasas thick as a stick of gum but twice as wide. I also seen some security cameras I tried grabbing butthey were locked on the shelf I liketo touch the items as well

59-125 wireless and rechargable units I may just go back and get them another day? if on sale?

so I walked out without my tripod or cameras . this is a the reason why I carry a camera more often than less

if I see something I snap it, I film it.

I am addicted to the hybrids, I wanted the next model, and I know the Go is that one?

So seeing the Sanyo, if I get that sanyo at a refurbished or Low price my addiction would end. LOL

but smaller and newer devices are always popping up

yes that is what I did popped my sd card in that bad boy but 8 different files came up on it dam.

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well I only have owned 2 hybrids, the aiptek dv5800 and now the vupoint dv-da1-vp, and i preffer the da1 because of its good low light shots, its ability to record in d1 resolution, and i think it looks cool : P

heres my most recent video shot with it


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