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Always in memory , and my heart goes out to all.

I left the house with my A-HD, and without the sd card, lucky me I turned back in to grab it? I am lucky I do not have the best view, but I was able to see the lights, and thought 9-12 lights be off?

1. I snapped this shot from my house 15 miles away? not a thing to show

orginal link http://img508.imageshack.us/img508/1886/file0031qm5.jpg

So off I go. going to work, closer I get, the more I film?


you may see how pitted my windshield looks, but may now see the light, or lights, as you hear the radio on, and I was honking not to say you hear the horn, but a suv cutting into me while I am alert.

here is another quick clip, as the distance may not be clear, I believe machro was on,


as iam directly accross you see the two lights I am amazed how I got this one while paying attention driving?


As I pulled over to the side I am at a perfect view, I am filming a very, very bright ground zero lighting


from a moving car not many good shots can be taken, so I stopped dead on the fdr to the side and got this one? as well as that video, notice I was on machro?

now I am on my way going to ground zero, I approach the lights even closer, notice how clear, and bright night time gets even the lights?


now I am One traffic light away from ground Zero, they call ground zero, but is realy the Brooklyn battery tunnel. the trade center is within a 1/2 mile foward. you'll notice paper, bird or etc in the light is it bright?


now I have moved up 100 feet, andI am not going anywhere till I get my footage, I have a few clips of being within 100 feet or so from the actual Powerful flood lights hitting heaven? one driver flashs me to go sorry I am filming.


Well here is a awesome pics, since I didnot have time, or the right cameras, I was able to snap 4 pics , and pasite together this quickly which almostworked out, but a li l hard work will get me an Pricelss moment?

All in all, you see what one can do with the possablility of owning


a priceless moment in my books, last year , ifI can find the video. that movie with Bruce willes, I see dead peoplethe kid says? well I see nothing, today WOW!

tell me those pics got color?

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That is pretty interesting. I never knew those lights were composed of several smaller beams. I wonder what they use to make them with. Are they lasers, perhaps?
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told you be suprized what the camera captures? hmmm the old film studeo lights it is not so i am thinking H.I.D.s a good amount of them that the airlines may use, if they use
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