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I've been adding cameras to the Hybrid List, including quite a few new Digilife announcements, posting about the new cameras only in the Hybrid List topic.

But this one I think deserves a new topic. The NSC-GC1 from Sony appears on sale all of a sudden. The drugstore a few blocks away has them. This is a shocking change from the interminable wait for new Digilife cameras.

$300cdn or $200usd (even though the currencies are now at par), and pretty much like typical Digilife/Mustek/Aiptek hybrids. Putting 90 minutes of video on a 2Gb memory stick means the throughput rate, and therefore the video quality, is not going to be an improvement over current cameras. H.264 is not claimed for it, nor is an mp3 player. Maybe worst, it has a built-in rechargable battery. It does have image stabilization and video-in. Plus some sort of shortcut for uploading content to the net.

Looks like Sony decided there's enough money in the hybrids from second-tier manufacturers that they need to get into the market. Positioned as a camera for capturing content destined for the Internet, I'd say a $300 hybrid without an optical zoom is not competitive value. No remote control either. And that battery. Wouldn't that be just great on a long trip? But they've got the market presence to sell these cameras.

Interesting that they seem to have given up on their more unusual but higher quality hybrids.

There are already a number of web sites featuring this camera.

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If only sony ditched that stupid memory stick 10 years ago!

Actually this is verry funny! I wish I could find the link where sony at one time announced they were not interesed in hybrids and believe there should remain two distinct formats, digital stills and digital video. This was old, around 4 or 5 years ago, so I guess there entitled to change their mind.

I just wish they would change their mind about their memory stick! Take a lesson from Olympus! They knew when it was time to ditch their smart media cards!

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