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adric22, thanks for the samples. On the 640x480 30fps of the CG6, how does that look on a tv?
Ah yes... that is the weird part. The CG6 only has a composite video out. I think previous models like the C40 had S-video. Anyway, I hooked it up to a regular old 20" tube television I have in my bedroom. When I say regular, I mean it is not a high-definition TV. The video looked perfect on there. Sanyo employs an interesting gimmick on their TV out that simulates 60 fields-per-second so that television playback is very smooth. Interestingly enough, even the 320x240 mode looks almost indistiguishable on the same television. It is amazing how much more clear a computer monitor is than a standard television. So if your goal is television playback, you can definatly use the "TV Standard" video mode, which is 640x480 @ 30fs, but has a lower bitrate than the highest recording quality. On the TV, I can't tell the difference.

On the other hand, if I hook up my Aiptek IS-DV2 (yes, I know it is a low end and not as good as the A-HD to which we are comparing) it looks considerably worse. The image is very jerky because the frame rate doesn't match the TV screen. (they advertise up to 30 fps, but it is really closer to 18)

As far as connecting it to my HDTV in the livingroom. Well, it didn't look so good. That is probably due mostly to the fact that the thing only has a composite video out and the effect is very noticable on a largehigh-def LCD television. However, when burned to a DVD and played back through my DVD player on the component inputs of my TV, it looks just as good as any other standard DVD would.
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