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I agree . the fix some did not know how. most complained and alot of members fled doue to AIpteks flaws?

the DXG does not have this problem, ?
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in that the idea was you could apply your own amount of sharpening to them.
It is always easier to soften a picture in software than it is to sharpen one. That sounds crazy that they would have done that on purpose.

As for fixing the videos. I agree, it is a pain. What is worse is that most people will not know how to do it correctly and will wind up re-compressing the video in the process which will reduce the quality of the shot by 10% to 20% on the resulting file.

However, the audio flaw alone wouldn't prevent me from getting a camera if I liked everything else about it. Truthfully, I believe my Sanyo CG6 has a very slight audio gap as well. I think it is so slight that only a trained eye can notice it. It is nothing like the Aiptek cameras where it is like watching a foreign movie with dubbed voices. However, the flaw could be in the playback software and not the camera. I should do some tests to see if it is visible when the camera is connected directly to a television.

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