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I made the block, yet it doesn't work with this camera. I spent a lot of time on soldering the pins and placing them in the right positions. I even made a fake (T) pin and connected it to (-) - this is the way it works when you use a multimeter. Anyway, with or without the fake (T) the camera is trying to start (you can hear a faint sound inside it if you try), but it cannot make it work. Yet, that's not the end of the story...
I don't have to tell you how frustrated I was, yet I still didn't want to give up, so, since the battery can be charged in the car, I decided to unswitch the car's lighter socket. It's useless for me to be able charge the battery when driving because that's exactly the time when I want to use it (and I can't do both at the same time). So, why not to leave the cam battery charging overnight? So I left the camera charging Saturday noon. I had a longer ride on Sunday, and when starting the engine (almost 24 hours charging, the camera ststus lamp went from red to green) I forgot to remove the power cord from the cam usb socket. Normally it would take have 5 seconds to shut the cam down, yet this time the battery level indicator went red and... remained like this while the camera was on! I started recording then, and it still worked. I wasn't sure if it was powered from the charger or from the cam battery. After 30 mins, we stopped for 5 mins and when restarting the engine and the camera, to my extreme surprise I saw a wall plug indicator on the cam LCD, which means it can see the car charger as the wall plug charger! It's too early to draw conclusions, as the plug/battery-low indicator changed a few time for no obvious reason, yet the charger seems to take over when the battery is fully (or nearly fully?) charged. This might explain why the block didn't work - this camera must receive some real data from the (T) terminal (about the battery level?). I'll keep testing it this week, so I'll be back.
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I hear ya.

I would have just taken the + - leads of the wires first touching, see if I got power, way before I started building. then worry boutthe rest later.

Like I said I used a multi charger from a wholesale store, even a cellphone charger, I also have now my broken gps plug and will work. again I hear ya, and hope it works.

even 2aa batts paralell, and series be my next test, but I got 12 of these np-60s so why bother just switch out
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Sure, I did twist the +/- wires around the terminals, and they didn't work, and I tried it long ago. Yet, as there were not many options left, I decided to make a well-sized block to make sure it fits and the connectors are clean etc. Also, I kept in mind that the middle (T) pin may matter. What I have observed by now is that when the battery is really full (for example after overnight charging) the camera will let the car charger take over and it will be treated as a wall plug. But when the battery level is slightly lower (I guess it's almost full, but not completely - for example if I don't charge during the night and just plug it in in the morning and drive) the charger is cut off. Ridiculous, but that's what it seems to be... I wonder if I keep the charger on all the time (as I said the lighter socket is unswitched now), how long the battery will survive?
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holdenhk wrote:
I have just measured the amperage of the wall charger, and it is as follows:
- when charging: 1.1A-1.2A
- when opening the screen and turning on it jumps to 1.8A but within 5 seconds it shuts down.
It might be part of the answer - while it still can keep charging at lower amps, there is definitely a camera-on power treshold, and it seems to be over 1.8, which none of my car adaptors can provide.
I just looked up the data of my wall charger (it belongs to an Aiptek AHD C100). I can use my camera without a battery inside with this charger. The output of this wall-charer ist 5V and 1A. The most car-firelighter-charger-cabels (--> miniUSB) supply 1A.

I found this thread here while looking for an answer in this question. I opened a new topic before: http://forums.steves-digicams.com/fo...mp;forum_id=92
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