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Hi all,

Just wanted to know if this happens to everyone or just that I have a crappy camera. I'm using the Ispan DDV-920 and whenever I move the camera quickly or bump it against something, it will fail and shut down.It only happens when it's running on batteries which makes taking videos outside really annoying since i have to hold it like a human tripod to get anything recorded.

Anyone experienced similar issues? Anyway to fix it??? maybe taping the battery in so it won't move??

Thanks y'all.
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I have a DDV-920, and have found that on rare occasions it can shut down as if the battery isn't connecting properly. You could try fitting a piece of cardboard or folded paper at the bottom of the battery to press it against the contacts better, and see if that makes a difference.

It's also possible to get a bad battery.
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cardboard is too thick sg?

a few strips of scotch tape or masking tape one layer ata time

in the inner partt here are pins contact pins, they are not making a proper contact. they may be damaged or bent in too muck causing a battery crash?

this was a defect a longtime ago, and we had a rush of members that faded away with this model?

1 check for dirty pins on th battery, use a eraser to clean.

2 check for play on battery behinddoor, very hard but that iswhy you startto add a layer attime.

avery hard bump , yes will casueafailure on some other models too
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