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Hello all,

I bought the Aiptek A-HD yesterday at Bert Buy ($119)
and have a question.

When I transfer the .mov files to my Macintosh G4's desktop and try to play them in Quicktime Pro 7.3, they are very choppy, with the framerate never reaching more than 5-6fps (instead of 29.97 or 30). When I convert the file to AVI, it plays fine (but the quality degrades). I would prefer to keep them as .mov files, as it's a far more Mac-compatible format (as is Quicktime and H.264). Is there any reason that an .mov file would be choppy, but an AVI would not?

This is a crash/pocket cam for me, and I don't plan to do any intensive editing with the clips. Simple trimming in Quicktime will suffice. Problem is that it's so choppy, it's barely worth the time.

Is anyone else having this problem? Advice?

Thanks in advance!
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her are some troubleshooting question?

1 try playing off the tv, it would show a perfect plau

2 try off the sd card you may see the pc-or-mac is slow with the proccessor speed

mac should be a fast machine not a older one

3 play off the saved pc or mac, if pc or mac is slow, according to the requirements of aiptek then you'll get a bad slow strobe like video

4 try filming to D1 and repeat the steps see if it clears if not then there issomething notright.

also the Older versions will need firmware due to mac usb hookup

firmware will not fix the playing of the movies

You may see a correct play in wmv and avi format due to lowering thecodec and resolution size.

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I doubt a G4 is fast enough to play 1280x720 h.264 files, my amd 3200+ has enough trouble. What codec are you using when converted to avi, as avi is just a container.
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Here's how you solve the problem: In quicktime, export the file using DV/DVCPRO NTSC. You'll have to experiment with the other settings depending on which video format in which you shot the video. It takes awhile to export but once it's done, the video will play fine and you can import it into Final Cut, DVD Studio Pro, IDVD etc.
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Your Mac probably isn't fast enough.

I have a Mac mini with a Core 2 Duo and I can play the 720p clips without stutter, but the 1080p clips don't play back smoothly.

You really need a fast computer to play H.264... especially high definition H.264.
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