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Hi. I bought the following Aiptek camera/camcoder for my 13YO niece as a Christmas present. She will mainly use it for still shots, but some video. I just wanted to make sure its a decent product (not complete crap)before I wrap it up for holiday giving.


If anyone has a review / opinion of it that woule be awesome!

Thanks Susie
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txsusie wrote:
Hi. I bought the following Aiptek camera/camcoder for my 13YO niece as a Christmas present. !

Thanks Susie
Welcome Susie,

Most hybrid camcorders have a electronic shutters. The Aiptek you must use a count ofa few seconds after the press of the shutter.

If not you get Blurry, and or wavy pictures. the fence is an examle of wavy. the yellow truck is a normal shot, bottom isstandard, and bottom is 4x digital zoom.

I use a count of 3-5 secs after pressing the button. if you're giving it as a gift for pictures , and video second I recommenda kodak, polaroid or major digital camera. they will still take video as well.

that fence is leveled in real life truck is wavy

no zoom 4x digital zoom

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With the low camera prices these days, I wouldn't recommend a hybrid for primary still shots. Most Digicams can shot videos(just as good or even better than hybrid cams)
As fishy mentioned, Kodak has some nice entry level cams for around or under $100. Also check out HP and canon, they seem to have pretty good entry level cams as well.
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