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Hi- I keep on losing the charging cradle/cable for my Aiptek DZO V58. I've tried to use my own intelligence to google and determine whether or not it can charge off of USB (No, duh, I haven't actually TRIED it, because I forgot where THAT cord was too... but I have a closer idea where that one is than my cradle), and ebay is very confusing... it has "N" after V58 or 5800 a lot of times.. and I don't know what that means. Mine doesn't have an N.

So... could someone provide me with a link or explicit "Look on the label and see that THESE WORDS AND STUFF ARE ON IT" instructions so that when I google, or ebay, or whatever, I can find the right charger for car, USB, or cradle?

I traded dance lessons for this second- hand, and I enjoy the fact that it's remote control. The crappy picture quality and grainy video weren't so great, BUT the remonte was essential to me for starting/stopping stuff during lessons.

Thanks for your help. I'm a long-time lurker, and hate to have to ask for help now, but it's either that, or tear a whole house, car, and someone else's studio apart finding a silly little cradle/cable!
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