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I replaced all the lights in my house with compact fluoescent bulbs about 6 or 7 years ago (back when they were expensive) and recently a couple of burned out. So I went down to the store to get two new ones and noticed they now carry bulbs marketed as "daylight" bulbs which are cool-white with 6500K color temperature. After I put those in one room and saw the huge difference in color between those and the original warm-white bulbs I decided to go back to the store and buy enough of them for my entire house. It is amazing, because now my house looks exactly the same at night as it does during the day.

The side-benefit that I didn't think about is videography. Most of the shooting I do indoors often requires adding some extra gamma to the blue channel. That usually works well with my nicer cameras (such as the Sanyo CG6) but often the compression is so bad on the Aiptek that the blue-channel is almost unusable. I just tried my Aiptek out and discovered that the video quality is much improved compared to the old lights. What is interesting is that the room is technically the same amount of light it used to be, except all of the colors are even so the camera works better and doesn't require any color correction either.

I did this just in time for Christmas so the videos I take tommorow and the next day will be better quality than before.
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Thanks for the tip.

When shooting indoors, I usually sequence through the various light settings to see which one looks best. Indoors, the cameras never default to the best one.
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