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On Black Friday I purchased an Aiptek HD camera with a blue case for 150 dollars from Best Buy.
At home I removed the silver colored plastic piece at the top of the camera for a quick look see an noticed that the microphone and speaker sit at the bottom of a depression kind of like, hmmm well think of a pothole with the microphone and the speaker at the bottom.

This configuration leads to soft sounds being cut and loud sounds having to much emphasis in the final recorded sounds along with the whirr of the zoom motor being present.

After thinking about this problem for a month or so I noticed that the camera mic comes wrapped in a rubber isolating gasket.

Another week or so and I came to the conclusion that I can do the glasscup on the wall trick to boost the camera mics sensitivity to wanted sounds and at the same time lower the anoying zoom motor sounds.

The first part was finding something that works as a mini shotgun tube and after looking at many things I at last decided on either a plastic cap from a shampoo bottle or an end cap from one of my wifes makeup tubes.

Then I drilled a 1/8 inch diameter hole in the closed end of the caps for sound to exit enroute to the camera mic.

The problem now is how to direct the sound from the plastic end cap to the camera mic. and I think that a plastic tube with a 90 degree bend will do the job.

Well this big project is going to have to wait until Dec 26 th as today its Dec 25th and no shops are open.

How do I post pics of my project?(yes I am that clueless about online posting of pics).

Thank you.

Merry Xmas.
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you totally lost me on this one? Are you sure you are with the Aiptek A-Hd or the Go-Hd there is no gears on the A-Hd to make a zoom noise sorry if I am reading it wrong.

Pictures how to post them here

go to Imageshack.us sing up its free post your pic there andcopy the url link andadd it here

do not post it where we have to scroll off the page lol

again a lil hard to follow. the rubberaround the mic is a noise or wind cover, the mic is so sensitive I wonder myself ifcovering up with some type of protection as well will do the trick llove to see the project
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I think you are right and my model is the A Hd but I can just make out a very small whine when I press the zoom button.

Took me 15 tries to plugin the charging cable to the camera so I guess that makes me a bit tipsy.

I took some pics of the silvered plastic piece and the intended plastic piec for the mini shotgun mike.

The problem with the original cameras mike positining is the same as the radio antenna analogy where if we have the anntena in a valley we are going to get really poor and substandard reception.

My project is going to position the plastic cap in the same directional axis as the camera lens is facing.

For example we have a single tube the houses the lens and my piece is a second tube placed on top that captures and focuses the sound towards the rear of the plastic piece.

The sound then is channeled down via a hollow plastic tube to hit the camera mike with proper directionality and much better sensitivity.

In a few days I am going to try this out and post some results.

I tried image shack and nothing so now I am trying largeimagehost but, nothing as I am unable to login after registering at both sites?

Maybe too much holliday traffic at those sites?

Managed to login at last but I am going to wait a bit until the camera finishes charging before taking more pics and posting them.

I will be back in an hour or two to post the links to the posted pics.
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photobucket putfile flickr

the sites all work.

I hear ya. the mic is super sensitive, and love to see the project

for the zoom its all electronic no moving parts only the GO-HD

Shot at 2007-12-17
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So far I tried the end cap from a lipstick case that my wife had.
I used the end cap since it terminates in a curved surface like a parabolic antenna.
I drilled a 1/4 inch diameter hole in the end cap since it has a one inch diam. hole at the front.

I got a ninety degree rubber elbow as a sound conduit that used to be part of an automotive vacume hose.

The end project looked like those ancient Victorolas that you had to wind up to get sound from a spinning disc to exit from a huge horn.

The resultant sound pickup was improved but I wanted the external mike experience without opening the Aiptek camera.

So it was back to just how does the camera get its recorded sound?

My next idea is to try a regular external mike.

I can hear you say but Russ there is no external mike port to plug in an external mike?

Well yes and no.

The recording mike on the camera will be our external mike plug in point.

This I will buy next week to try out:

One external mike.
One small amplifier.
One mike extension cord.
One mini headphones.

I.e.: I talk into the external mike as the camera is recording and the sound travels down the wire until it reaches the small external amplifier where the sound is amplified (and an optional equalizer may be also plugged in) and is sent out towards the wire towards the headphones where one of the two headphone buds is in my ear as a realtime sound monitor and the second earbud is smackdab against the cameras mike and as we can equalize the sound and volume we can get improved sound.

Well folks thats my next project and I hope to be able to post some pics and video segments as soon as I am able to get a small external amplifier.

See you in a week or two.

Thanks for reading.
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I also would like to find someway to monitor the sound from the microphones also as it is sent to the Aiptek A-HD.

You'd probably have to find one of those MP3 player type amplifer to headphone so it would remain portable that you could tuck into a shirt or jacket pocket to take along with the Aiptek.
The MP3-->Amp-->earphones layout would then be Mic-->Amp-->earphones

May Something like this:

Without building an amp youself, I found it hard to find a pocket size amplifer with an input jack for a microphone and outlet jack for earbud earphones.

I could found inexpensive examples of small personal amplified listeners).

Here was a model with an equilzer http://www.radioshack.com/product/in...entPage=search
But they tend to have a built in mic within the amplifer housing.
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Hmmmmmmmm looks interesting:


Turn it up anywhere.
With a built in speaker, this mini audio amplifier is perfect for many acoustic projects. Also includes a microphone input and a speaker/earphone jack for added flexibility.
  • Use as a test amplifier or signal tracer[/*]
  • High-gain IC circuit[/*]
  • Volume control with 1/8" earphone jacks so you can adjust the volume[/*]
  • 9V battery is readily available and reasonably priced[/*]
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