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After messing around for ages, I realised that the HD-700 cost less than the speedlight flash on my camera!

Found a good price on the HD-700, £40 less than the HD2 so that's the way I went.

It's on order so I hope to have it Tuesday/Wednesday. Off skiing on Friday so it should be a bit of fun.
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My apologies, for the length, I am not feeling the best today to keep it short.

Professional Options:

You wont find their quality of still on Pocket video, yet. The data-rate on offer is just nowhere near as much, and many camera are 30p (50/60p is more codec efficient and more frames to slow down with etc).

Something like the new Casio camera can do all sorts of hi-speed things (except, unreally, they don't offer an 720p50/60 mode, let alone 1080p50/60) but it is not pocket (buy one anyway for external shots). Also we don't know if the video modes have anything near enough data rate in video modes (24mb/s+ H264 Inter codec for 720p25 mode, 35mb/s+ for 720p50, but 24mb/s+ for 720p50 would probably also be good).

The best pocket camera, for the moment, is something with heaps of data-rate for an inter codec, or an intra codec with twice the data rate. At the moment only the Canon TX1 exists, except it has deficiencies, including Noise, handling, suggested filming time constraints. It uses 35mb/s, and for movement data-rate matters an lot. Without ti, you will get blocking and other stuff.

Pro cameras, I've had some to do with low cost professional movement, and their are some future options. The Elphel security camera is being adapted to produce lossless compressed, or professionally low compressed footage, to internal flash array, or hard drive. Uses an Micron sensor like the Elphel's. When the production work-flow, and use, is worked out it will probably produce very good footage compared to the pocket cameras (including the TX1). Because this is DIY stuff, takes an lot of time and commitment to quality. Probably other $1000 in HDD configuration, add an manual lens, be like an very small handy cam, but have to add external buttons and portable computer to view, sound recording, as filming (very primitive, being trying to get developer to add external controls interface and live monitoring output). There is an much better camera in the Sumix Altasens sensor based model, but that is twice as much and much less supported, and much less along the way to being worked out. Anyway, that is the more primitive side of the market.

An more exciting model, might be (if it is small enough) the Red camera (red.com) Scarlet camera. Little is know, think it might be 3D, good quality, proper camera, handling and work-flow. Price is an guess, some people are hoping an $1000, but other people think that $7000 or less. I believe it might be cheap handy cam type. They produce very low noise on their existing camera I think.

Sony produces sensors for the camera market, and their 6MP does 60fps at full resolution, so their maybe other cameras on the market like this.

One possibility, only very remote outside possibility, is that an compression module could be made to hook up to an pocket camera that compresses to quality 50-100MB/s, at an cheap price. At the moment only one device, by the professional codec company, cineform, is planned, very small, and below $2000, as far as we know. The cineform wavelet based codec is one of the best visually lossless codecs, and produces quiet low data-rates for that sort of thing.
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I don't know how much total USD you spent on the HD700 but Amazon warehouse has the refurbished HD1000 for $562. Very tempting considering the HD700 is going for around $500
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The best may be Casio EX-F1, 60fps 6M pictures and 1080i H264 video. $999.
It seems worthy to wait.

Per the spec, it look like Sony sensor.

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