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First time poster long time lurker. I have both of these cameras and used them extensively, so I feel I have a good handle on the pros and cons of both. The Sammy is smaller and has a better optical zoom. The lcd screen however, is smaller. It also has a line in that works very well for converting to mpeg4 or just viewing a video or tv. The camera on the Sammy is junk for taking pictures, and there is no flash.

My CG-6 has a stuck pixel or whatever you call it that can become a little annoying. My C5 had this issue also. The video is brighter on the sanyo, but this comes at a cost: the colors are a little washed out and pictures taken in low lighting are washed out. I have played with all settings and this problem can be fixed to a degree. For shooting video, I can get 42 or so minutes off of my sanyo from a 1 gig card, and only 23 on the sammy. Battery life is much better on the sanyo, can only get about 30 minutes of recording time from the samsung.

I actually like the performace and feel of the samsung for video more. The mics are about equal, both are great and in stereo. Colors are more natural on the sammy and the zoom is great - 10X! Smoother and faster too. There is a problem with video on the samsung and I am not sure if it is my particular camera or with all of them - the video and audio are slightly out of synch. The Samsung has 512mb built in and has an mp3 player. I have used both and they function smoothly. Although the sanyo is brighter the video quality is not as good. I say both are outstanding little cams and the scmm-10s should get more talk in these forums for the price it is going at now. Thanks to everybody for there help and for reading my first post, Jason

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Can yourecordan A/V lineinput sample usingthe "Blink" DVD with the Samsung?

I'd like to see how much better they are compared with the cheaper Aiptek models when used with an outside video source (helmet cam for example).

You can upload the clip to Vimeo so others can download the raw file for comparison.
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I guess I wasn't even familiar with the Samsung camera.. I'll have to go look it up.
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