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I'm buying one of these hybrids. Im leaning more towards the Canon for one simple fact: It has onboard optical image stabilization & the Sanyo doesnt. We all know a good IS can make or break a shot (especially when dealing with video) & Canon has one of the best IS's in the business.

Also, the Canon seems to take much better quality pictures than the Sanyo, which would be a BIG plus for me since that would mean I wouldnt have to carry around two devices (I guess thats two reasons). I think if I got the Sanyo I would still have to pack around my small P&S camera, as the pics I've seen from the Sanyo just dont seem that great. They're good, but not good enough to me (Im pretty picky about stills).

But, Im still a bit on the fence. The thing thats really holding me back is Canon's stupid decision to use the Motion JPEG format for their videos, so that means limited storage + big honking file sizes + a whole lot of post compressing on my end.

What do you guys think? Anyone have any experience with both or would just like to chime in?? I have to make a decision rather quickly. Thanks!
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I have owned a few Canon digital still cameras, all were excellent quality. My current SD model takes 640x480 video with MJPEG "compression" similar to the TX1. It is only good for very short videos, when you have nothing else to use. Otherwise it is useless as a camcorder, it will fill a 2 gig card in under 30 min at 640x480.

You would need to buy acouple 32 gig sdhc cards (needs to be the "fast" models) to make this camcorder practical. Then dedicate a high end PC toconvert the videos to MPEG2 (DVD) or MPEG4 for storage, and delete the original (huge) file.
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