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SPOFF wrote:
I looked at some of this material and am confused. Consumer video cameras have had these artifacts and worse for 30 years. Care to hear about the nightmare that was the vidicon tube? Like a minimum 500 lux light requirement or hauling 10 lbs of lead acid batteries for an hour of shooting time. And accidently framing the sun in the scene for even an instant would destroy the camera (which cost 10 week's pay to repair.)

I'm not sure I find the CMOS "wobble" in a camcorder that costs less than one day's pay a big problem.

I agree with you. We are so spoiled today. I also remember using a 'television camera' VHS camcorder which tended to smear if you panned around too quickly no doubt because it was tube based. Compared to that, the wobbly video in the Aipteks is a minor problem as you say.

It's amazing when you think about it, the fact that solid state camcorders are getting practically disposable pricewise yet have video the equal or better for all intents and purposes to those old consumer camcorders.
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Yeah.. I think I've mentioned this before, but it is worth mentioning again. When I was a kid, my parents had a Super-8 camcorder. I still have those videos, though I've had them transferred to DVD. But I can assure you this, beyond any doubt. For all of its faults, my Aiptek IS-DV2 takes much better video quality than the old Super-8 camera did. Let me count the ways:

1) Old super-8 was limited to about 3 minutes per reel.

2) Had to send it off for developing.

3) required a projector to play it back

4) No sound

5) camera had manual exposure and focus settings, yet there was no way to tell if you had them right until you got the film developed. So half of the videos were either blurry, overexposed, or underexposed.

6) The film had, well, the film effect. You know, little scratches and blotches constantly flying past as the frames moved.

7) I think the actual level of resolution is probably worse. It is hard to place a number next to that, but the 640x480 mode of my aiptek actually delivers more fine detail.

Given that... My little $50 camera wins hands down, despite the CMOS wobble and some of the other issues it has. If I could go back in time and give the Aiptek to my parents I would have some of the best childhood videos in the world for that time period.

Come to think of it. I'm not sure.. But I think my little $20 vistaquest keychain camera actually takes better videos than the super-8 and it only does 320x240 at 10 fps.
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I had a Super 8 as well :-) In fact I have some of the converted video on my phone for fun to show people when I was a kid etc!

But where the Super 8 will beat the VGA cameras at least is when projecting. You can increase the size of the image without a noticeable loss in quality. Once you start increasing the size of a digital image substantially, you really notice the artifacting.

In fact for those of you with large flat screen digital TV's I have noticed the that on the larger ones say 40" or so, you can really notice the artifacting in the broadcast whereas they look great on a 19".

Of course a major problem with Cinefilm is that the constant playing of the film can wear out or break the sprocket holes. This is very difficult to repair which brings up another disadvantage of the medium in that you couldn't very easily make a back up copy just in case the main one got damaged. At least when video tape came along, this became an option.

Now its so easy to make copies with solid state devices that everyone can have an 'original' since it's digital!
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