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I decided to go ahead and hack away with my A-HD to use it in a wildlife video trail camera system. I opened the A-HD up and added three remote wires, one for the signal common, one for the power switch, and one for the vide record switch. I ran them out to a servo style connector for connection to my controller board. The controller board basically senses motion through a PIR sensor and when motion is detected, it turns on the A-HD and then starts it recording. If its dark, it also turn on an Infrared Illuminator. I am thinking of attaching an external IR cut filter to a servo and have it flip back in front of the camera during the day to make it a color daytime camera, but thats a ways off.

I removed the stock lens on the A-HD and replaced it with a lens with no IR cut filter. It worked OK, but the new lens was 12mm focal, which made everything look extremely closeup. So I decided to go back and remove the IR cut filter from the stock a-hd lens and it worked fine. It does not have great light gathering capabilities, but the field of view is much better.

The Infrared Illuminator uses high power 850 um wavelength leds and they put off just a slight red glow. What you see in the video is totally invisible to the human eye. It looks like a spotlight in the video, but its pure infrared and you cant see it. I posted some test video and pictures of the system here. http://www.wildtronix.com/aiptek_ahd.htm. I will try to get some wildlife video soon. Here are some pictures and if you want to see some raw test clips, click the link above.

Anyway, just thought I would share this little project to let you see what it looked like.

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I looked at your webpage. It would be interesting to see the steps in the lens change. What did that do to the daylight footage? Does that change your wide angle and telephoto coverage? I have thought about changing the lens for one from a Canon digital camera I cannibalized. I am already looking at using the mic from the Canon. It is twice as large.

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