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How do I erase unwanted video/audio off of a MiniDV tape (say I edited the footage already)? Do I just tape black over it or is there some other way to erase footage? Thanks everyone!
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As far as I am aware, at least in consumer cams, there is no erase facilty. I don't think it's considered good practice to reuse tape anyway. I never did. They are not that expensive unless of course you are a prolific shooter.
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If their is an mic port plug in a unconnected lead to it, and put lens cap on, close down iris if needed, and out up gain, and record over it.

But the problem is that you would have to re- record over the tape a number of times to make the data underneath potentially unrecoverable by a data recovery specialist. I don't know how many times, but once you record something like 5 times over a tape segment is supposed to ware down and loose data in recording anyway. Also, merely playing the tape multiple times I heard can wear it down.

What you might be able to find is an tape eraser, with big magnetic fields, but I don't know if ti can get down into the tape to wipe traces of previouse recordings enough.

Somewhere like B&H photos on the Internet, or a security specialist stores might have something.
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a few ways ar shown , and one way to add a blue beginning would follow the instructions of your DV cam. iti s justa button

most DV cams will automatically rewind and prepare for re-recording. you do not today need to use one tape, but it is best to save those precious moments with one tape, and back up that tape to a dvd disk or HD.

You can erase a cassette but if it is saomething you do not want one to see , again it is best to rewqind and record over the whole casstte. and walk away, come back , done

you may not want to keep using the same one b/c you'll dirty the head, cause pixaltaion, and toss a mini tape to the trash can.
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