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Looks like this camera is aimed at kids. But still, I imagine it will be way better than your typical low-end aiptek models. (I'm referring to standard-def models, not the high-def)

The fact that it uses CMOS really fascinates me. This is an unusual move for Sanyo who has always used CCD. It would be as strange as Aiptek going to a CCD.

I'm going to make a guess here.. My guess is the camera "will" suffer from rolling shutter, but because they designed the camera for 60 fps, the effect will be about half of what you see on the Aiptek A-HD. The reason it is so bad on the other Aiptek models is because they are only delivering about 18 fps, and it is better on the A-HD because it delivers a full 30 fps. So, the sanyo doing 60 fps should be ever better.

I hate to say it, but I think rolling shutter is going to find its way into more and more products until the consumer just becomes used to it. Obviously, it will always be on the low-end products.

Anyway. If the price is right on this camera, say around $150 to $200 then I would say it would compete well with Aiptek's offerings despite the lack of HD resolution.
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I get the feeling that this camera is not going to be under $200. Having said that, pending reviews and not too outrageous a price this may make a good upgrade for my C40. It uses h264 like the CG65 and it seems this may be it's replacement.

My only concern is the 9.1MP CMOS sensor. Will this make the HD700 look good in comparison in low light?
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