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I got a waterproof bag made by GoShotCamera


They make a version sized just right for hybrids with the opening screens.

It's kind of a hassle to get the camera into and out of the bag. So much so that I took an extra hybrid on a trip just to keep it ready for use in the bag. Opening and closing the screen and operating the focus ring took some patience, especially since the cold weather and water made the bag very stiff. But even at room temperature this is a problem. Dsc's in the bags made for them would be much easier to deal with.

But the part of the bag the lens shoots through had no noticable effect on the images. You don't expect amateur underwater video to be perfect anyway.

I used a Digilife DDV-1000/920 in the bag, which was just the right height to match the lens window in the bag.

No leaks.

This means I'm done with the waterproof Oregon Scientific ATC-2000 helmet cam. It was waterproof, but was a pi__-poor camera otherwise.
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I have always found that a good-brand of a sandwich bag works just fine for most cameras. I always blow some air into it first and hold it under water to make sure it doesn't leak before putting a camera in.

Granted - I've never tried with a hybrid. The screen on the side would make things more difficult - no doubt. But if you got a big enough bag, it would probably still work.
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The Link provided are for lenses, not the waterproof cover, unless it is way further pass page one of ebay

that test I did, and best not to use a glad bag way under a MM thick, I preferre if goingto go a route of waterproofingto buy a water proof model, worse case would be getting a plastic cover
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Down the left margin of GoShotCamera's site, if you click on "Underwater Camera Cases", you can see them. Or use this link:

You can find on-line retailers who sell the same bags for less.

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