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Hello forum,

Many have asked about this design as compared to the others on the net. These observations are mine andonly serve as a guide for those who are looking for steadycam solutions.
Please be advised that the Nautilusis completely a do-it-yourself home project and I am currently NOT manufacturning but may do so in the future. If you are comparing the Nautilus the cost of the others, this designmakes use ofa unique gimbal and make it different for the cheapest of it's kind anywhere.

Even though I mentioned that some of the DIY designs here have the gimbal orientation upside down, the gimbal I provide still has to be slightly modified to work and it is not just a matter of flipping a mini tripod over. This is why I sell the instructions to do so in my CD. The information is simple and anyone can achieve the freedom of movement I achieved as seen in my videos. Some of these designs are 80% complete and the gimbal is most of the rest.

Northernlanes design (DIY)

  • Main body is steel and heavy. [/*]
  • Gimbal is a simple one piece tripod - this has had problems with smooth operation due to how it is oriented and the quality if the socket. Some of these tripods have plastic socket. Cannot be adjusted used properly as a gimbal. [/*]
  • Main bend of the design has a curve too short and does not allow much forward handle movement. this is an easy fixable design flaw. [/*]
  • Gimbal orientation is not ideal - it is upside down. [/*]
  • Great start but the quest for a good gimbal falls short.
_gl design (DIY)

  • Same issues or similar to Northernlanes [/*]
  • Nice separation for compact storage, great idea [/*]
  • Gimbal orientation is also upside down.
eBay indiahardware for sale. $99 USD + SH = about $120 USD

  • Direct copy and configuration of the Hague MMC [/*]
  • Many design flaws noted. [/*]
  • Gimbal is a closed version coupler - extremely limited movement with the placement in the wrong position and extremely limited movement - Since the gimbal istight, closedand large, the movement of the handle is translated directly to your video. [/*]
  • Handle used is too short, most who have purchased this replaced the handle. [/*]
  • Gimbal is too large and distance between the top (stage) and the gimbal does not allow enough room to adjust the camera. [/*]
  • The design of the main body is too short and the weight is not directly below the gimbal which makes complete balance next to impossible.---All stabilizers share one fundamental design...the camera on top or bottom, a way to distribute equal weight to the opposite end and a gimbal system found at the fulcrum between the these two--- [/*]
  • This design follows none of these properties and is a poor attempt to sell something that looks great but falls far short as a stabilizer. The $14 dollar steadycam plans or a monopod with weight at the bottom are stabilizers and this copy is not. [/*]
  • Price is more than half of the Hague MMC, Buy the real thing and not this fake copy!

Hague MMC - Mini Motion Cam

  • Cost $185 - $200 + SH [/*]
  • Gimbal is a metal ball and a plastic socket - delivered disassembled [/*]
  • Gimbal with a heavier cameras has a great possibility to come apart during use [/*]
  • Best design for smaller Video Cameras under 2 lbs.

Manfrotto Modosteady

  • Costs $178 - $200 + SH [/*]
  • Nice compact design with many more features than any in this class. [/*]
  • Gimbal is a tripod design like the DIY projects. [/*]
  • 3-in-1 design shoulder mount, steadycam, tripod with handle for panning. [/*]
  • Handle serving also as a mini tripod is mostly plastic and too small for larger hands. [/*]
  • Folds for best storage. [/*]
  • 3-in-1 uses

Merlin Steadicam

  • Most expensive on the market $800 USD+ [/*]
  • Best design for camcorders up to 5lbs. [/*]
  • Best design - Too much technology needed for smaller inexpensive camcorders makes it impractical. 100-200$ + 800$ =1200$+, Buy a better $1000 camea! [/*]
  • Can be added to a full camera stabilizer rig for professional use $$$$$$ [/*]
  • Counter weights are too heavy to counter balance smaller camcorders and body is made for heavier cameras. [/*]
  • Gimbal is propritory and cost $150 to replace. [/*]
  • Once the camera is set, not much need for all the rest of the technology you just paid for. [/*]
  • Too expensive to be practical unless you can afford it.
Ace 808 - Nautilus Hybrid Camera Stabilizer (DIY)

  • Similar to the Hague MMC but not the same. [/*]
  • Strickly Do-It-Yourself Project...I do not manufacture this! [/*]
  • All do-it-yourself home made project [/*]
  • Made for camcorders up to 2 lbs. [/*]
  • Plans on CD cost $15 USD + Materials $25 USD [/*]
  • Solid Gimbal has the most movement especially for low shots and won't fall apart. [/*]
  • All parts are readily available @ your local hardware store and the net. [/*]
  • Design attributes are low cost and simplicity of the design anyone can build!
More information about the Nautilus Hybrid Camera Stabilizer, please visit me at:






[align=center]All companies mentioned here are for comparison purposes only and opinionsexpressed are only personal opinions by me. I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned and only provide my personal observations.

Stabilizers are a great way to eliminate allot of what makes videos hard to watch, hard to edit and more pleasing to your audience. [/align]
Thanks to all of you for your interest.

Ace 808
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This is awesome. I would like to know more about its construction and how it works. I have been reviewing the plans for the "Poor Man's Steadycam" and how to modify it for my Aiptek A-HD+.

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Why don't you post some videos using this with one of the Aiptek HD cameras?
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I have a Hague, and it works best with my Canon HV-20, where the center of balance is low. With the Sanyo HD1000 it is unstable, as much of the weight is a fair distance from the fulcrum.

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I'm interested in your designs; I have been wanting a stabilizer for years!
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I tried to make my own steadycam mount also, I was trying to make it pocketable and retracted style, but it was quite hard to get it stable as seen in one of your videos, it takes ages to get it stable enough. Steadycam isn't very usefull escpecially when you are hurry to record that excact moment, not to mention when you are on the trip and have to take quickly video about something intresting when camera is in your pocket, that is why I scrapped whole idea. Maybe steadycam is good for film making, but not for occasional home videos where you need to just take your camera and go. You may also need your friend as extra cameraman to shoot comedy video when you hit trees or to wall when you stumble with your steadycam :-)

My advice for taking steady videos, don't run when taking videos, walk very steady and pan slowly, I always forgot all those advices myself when I need to just go as fast as I can to try to capture something and result is painstakingly shaky, stay calm and keep it steady it is best natural steadycam you got. Maybe I am some day building another one which is better and more easy to get steady, your steadycam model looks like good choice.
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Ace 808:

I am very interested in your design; specifically the gimbal.

How does yours work in comparison with the one in the provided youtube video?

I have created my own monopod version of something previously but not like this.

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Ace 808:

Thanks for the reply.

I am not planning on buying one of these from ebay nor am I going to mod a monopod into one of this type of device.

I am not a physics person, nor do I have time to learn. My monopod has no gimbal. None of my stabalization does, which is why I really like what you are doing.

If you are interested in making me one, send a pm and we can talk about price.

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Good effort.

If you are interested in a shoulder mount rail rig, somebody did one for the Canon HV10 on dvinfo forums too, but I haven't the link on me.

I am interested in the style of stabiliser you have here, but have you tried any of the smaller ones out there?
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The one I saw at dvinfo was homemade and more like a shoulder mounted cinema rig for mounting 35mm lens adaptors and lens, probably follow focus, I think dual grip. This does not provide as much stabilisation as a glidecam like device, but a lot more than handheld.
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