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The DXG-567V takes 1280x720 video that isn't too bad, if there is enough light. It tends to over-expose, as does the DXG-569 that I tried. But this no-frills model has no user adjustments except video mode selection and digital zoom.

The bundled software is Arcsoft. Maybe it works, I didn't bother to install it.

1. It takes video which many folk would think is good, and takes it without any hassles
2. The Digital Zoom works quite well, surprisingly well in fact. Quite usable.
3. It uses 2xAA batteries, and the two supplied rechargables (with charger supplied) power the camera in HD record mode for about 2 hours.
4. It has a tripod mount (threaded hole- plastic)
5. It looks different from other HD recorders
6. Width of field of lens is acceptable.
7. It took an 8gig SDHC card OK

1. H264 Video data rate is too low at 4Mbps, not adjustable
2. No possibility of manually changing anything except resolution and zoom
3. Macro is really macro, and there is a hole in focus from about 1ft to 5ft. So don't expect to hold this at the end of an arm to photograph yourself.
4. Relatively large, lots of space wasted by a useless USB springy plug thingy which makes sure you don't need a USB cable. I always transfer data with the SDHC card, in any case.
5. Low light performance is really bad. There is not even a 'night mode'
6. Not intuitive to hold without putting finger over lens or microphone

I will be sending my unit back. I wanted this for a recorder which didn't look like it was professional, so as not to make my subjects camera-shy. Maybe I should go for something looking just like a still camera. Has anybody any suggestions?

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If you haven't taken it back already, could you post some sample video on vimeo? I'd like to see how it compares with the Jazz 178 since you say it has a similar bitrate.
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Home Shopping Network has the 567V as Today's Special for $159.95.

I expect to see a few new owners show up here.:-)
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I only paid $139 (or so) for the DXG-567V from Amazon. Maybe I will keep it, as 2 hours of continuous filming is sorta useful sometimes. I will complement that with a tiny Kodak V1073 I just bought today (which is limited to a maximum 29 minutes per clip). I will post both videos in a day or two.

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I was intrigued by your post about the DXG. I had a DXG-506v. I attempted to video for a long period of time - but after two hours I found that it had shut itself off. It was still going when I checked after 1.5 hours. Also, the SD card had a movie file on it but the file size was zero bytes. The properties of the card indicate that there is a file on the disk but Windows can't see it. Any ideas?


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