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Trevmar wrote:
I don't need to listen to clips, I have extensive experience with the two V1073s I own, and a V1253, as well as a variety of other cameras. I have said what I think it is, but you don't have to agree with me. All I know is that I am getting wonderful HD footage at low Lux (normal indoor lighting) from my V1073s. That's why I bought a second.
I appreciate yourextensive experience witht the v1073. Can you tell me if you've observed any overexposure flashes during indoor videos as a result of sudden sharp sounds unrelated to scene brightness changes? This is what I am most curious about. Based on the clip I referenced, it does occur on the z1085 (unless it was a one-off defective camera).

It's established that these overexposure flashes occur on both cameras when panning into an area of much higher brightness, no one's disputing that. I'm just wondering if the flashes can be triggered by the other scenario of external loud sounds.

If this effect does not occur in the v1073, then maybe I'll consider switching my soon- to-arrive z1085 for the v1073.

Do you find the touch screen slower to use than the normal button interface? I know you shoot indoors mostly but is the v1073's screen harder to see outdoors than most other LCD screens? These are my concerns with the v1073, but I might switch anyway if it takes videos with fewer overexposure flashes.
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Canon might be better. I just bought an ultra compact digicam Casio z300 that has h.264. Terrible videos!! Older canon had better color, sharper, and didn't have that fake look to it. So how about Kodak? Is it more like a canon or a casio?

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The video from my Canon HF100 (in 24p Movie Mode) edits in with my Kodak Z1012 and V1073 video without any need for color matching or saturation correction.

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