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pinnoy2 wrote:
Yes, the Philippines is a lot like Mexico when it comes to the abundance religious sites. This place is called "Hand of Jesus" and it is quite a popular tourist site in the City of Lucena. I am a bit of a traveller myself and with the DXG-569v, I can now shoot pretty decent videos and photos anywhere I go! :lol:
I suspect the fact they were both under Spanish Rule was a factor in this similarity no doubt!
Battery Life: The battery life of 3 900mah aaa batteries on this will shoot 1-1.5 hours of videos including photos. I shot around 250 photos and around an hour and half of videos before the batteries died. But since the cam runs on aaa batteries, I had like 2 more sets of 3pack batteries that I carry around easily, so there was no problem with batteries. Nimh batteries are very cheap nowadays, and so easy to get.
That battery life is excellent compard to my Sanyo C40. Iam lucky to get 50 continuous minutes of video on it'sbatteryand even less if I shoot a few photos.

I used an 8gb SDHC Card. :|Photos using 5M settings take around 2.0 megabytes per photo. Videos using the Highest Settings (HD) will eat about 1 megabye per two seconds. That's 30 megabytes per minute...or using the 8gb card, 4hours. To use all that you'd need some extra batteries (around 3 sets is enough).
Yes that's the same as my Jazz no doubt due to the similar bitrate. I bought a 4GB SDHC which gives me 2 hours which is plenty for my regular use. If I ever take it on vacation, the cards are cheap enough now that I could easily afford a week or twos capacity without needing to transfer to a laptop or other storage device.
I also carry around a photobank ($20) http://cdrking.com/local/products/in...906330-1248070
to allow me to safely transfer all my files into a harddrive before I erase my SD card. I got most of my accesories, like a gorilla tripod ($4!), SD cards, etc. from a local shop here http://www.cdrking.com. I think their prices are very low compared to other shops, but their products work fine like they should though. Most items don't even reach 20 bucks.

PROS: Anyhow, I conclude that the DXG-569 is a great product, and for its price you get a winner here. The software that comes with it alone costs $99. This by the way works very fast, and it can encode/burn into a dvd 3.5 gb worth of videos in a very short time. When in DVD, the quality of the video gets a 15-20 percent boost. The 569v's video quality is far better than my 1990's mini cassette camcorder. Very handy and sexy form factor too. The ease with which you transfer videos to your pc is very convenient.
The problem with these devices I find is that they are so much more fun to use than a tape device that you are in danger of living your vacation 'behind the lens' so to speak!
CONS: First thing i noticed is the tripod hole at the bottom is made of plastic. It should have been metal, since if you do a lot of screwing and unscrewing of tripods, its treads could get busted quite fast. Sound quality could have been better, and digital zoom is almost useless. Playback in the camera is smooth, but sound in almost non existent. The builtin speaker is very weak.
These are common complaints across most cameras now especially the plastic tripod socket, even on brand name cameras. I guess they assume most people never use a tripod and as such the wear issue is as important. Of course we'd disagree.
WISHLIST: 60fps, 1080p and the use of aa batteries. with aa batteries you can get as high as 2900mah which will cover maybe 2-3 hours of video recording. aaa batteries are only limited to around 900 - 1000mah. yes it will get bulkier, but I think it will be compensated by its longer performance. Better sound in playback and recording is also a feature that is surely to be appreciated.
That is one problem with the design of the devices that take LiOn batteriesin that the location doesn't allow for larger capacity batteries as in the rear battery pack design you see on regular camcorders. I also think AA batteries would've been better than AAA but I guess they felt the added bulk was too much. As for 1080p, I am sure that'll come in the updated model.
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There is now 1080p and 720p60 models on their website. There is a 1080p Digilife on ebay too, I have links in the the hybrid camcorder thread.
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Default Dxg569v

if anyone on here is getting even 30 minutes shooting time using this camera PLEASE PLEASE tell me what you did to achieve that...what batteries you are using if different from original ones

I love this little device but I can only get 7 or 8 minutes of video when I use it and that is ridiculous. I have gone out and bought new batteries.


I called the company and they said I would get an hour with new batteries which i bought but it didn't help and also i don't want to end up spending 1/2 the price of the camera for new batteries that might or might not help.

Most likely I will return it in the next few days but I really liked it...just the stupid battery life?

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the cam sells today for 75 plus.

It's a 720P. the battery life should be 90 minutes.

What size sdhc card, you're using, something that will get you the aquired amount of video space correct?

You changed tha batt out, but have you tried an alternitive power supply.

Ac, to see if it is a maulfunction of the cam,and not thte battery.

3aa batt harness , modded to batt port, to see if power is the same,

Lipo batterries a rre mor powerful, but do not offer longer battery life as another battery , I did not say aa batt's are stronger, I just said try them I preferre aa a larger sized batt, longer life.

then If it is the cam, will you opt for a exchange or go for another company

Have you thought of Aiptek A-HD (720P)
These are Pc low Budget Economy Hybrid camcorders Great for the Daytime Outdoor shots
Light on the Object video made. No light No Video
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If you are only getting 7 or 8 minutes it's obviously a defective camera, so I would just exchange it for another one if you can.
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