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Maybe my question should be...which mini digi camcorder would best met my needs?

I am a horsewoman and would like to mini digi camcorder that I can stick into my saddlebag. One that is fairly simple and easy to use. Would like one that will not shake while filming on my moving horse. Would like a zoom lens and maybe one that I can use in low light conditions. What other stuff would be cool to have? I have a totally loaded Gateway Notebook (purchased new in10/2008), running Vista Home Premium and Intel Centrino Duo Core2 CPU processor, 2046 MB and a 32-bit Operating System. I would like to be able to share my videos on YouTube, emails, and also would like to burn them onto DVD/CD. So...whichmini digi camcorders should I consider? Thank you so much for all your help!!!! Raven
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Optical Image Stabilization would be nice if you are on a horse. I have tried many, and have settled for the moment on the Kodak V1073. It is not a hybrid in the normal sense of the word, but it does 29 minutes of continuous HD video, and is straightforward to operate. Of course, the still photographs are beautiful, too.

It uses DivX compression and the files are easily handled on Windoze, Mac or Linux. Get a 4 or 8 gig SD memory card to handle the video, they eat up memory.


The Kodak software includes stuff to upload to YouTube or Vimeo, to at least get you started with that. You can screw some sort of handle into the tripod mount if holding a camera proves inconvenient when handling the horse...

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I was going to say that the digital flip you said your friends had would've been the best as it is simplest to operate while on a horse but it has no stabilisation if I recall and anyway digital stabilisation wouldn't cope with the jerking you'd get on a horse so I agree with trevmar, a camera with optical image stabilisation would probably be a better bet.
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I am dtepping aside on this one. riding and filming do not mix.

Just be careful on what you choose good luck
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Friends of mine who do horse stuff recently got a Sanyo E1. They don't need the waterproof case for that, but it will preserve the camera in other more water-based activities. Otherwise a CG65 is functionally equivalent.

By the sound of it, they have no complaints about how the camera itself works, but filming horse movements can be challenging due to the speed and the fact the horses more than fill the field of view as they get close.

A hint on the audio/video synch. I've found that the H.264 files from my Sanyo CG65, after I convert them to avi's, don't synch when I replay them in Windows Media Player, but they do in Quicktime and VLC Media Player. However, if I set some very obscure setting to DivX when I do the conversion, they're ok in WMP also.

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