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First, I'd like to say hi and thanks to all the posters here. I read through all the reviews and purchased my Action HD because of them. I'm really enjoying the camera. I knew not to expect miracles, but for the cost I'm very pleased. I was hoping I could edit the vids in Sony Vegas Pro 6, or convert them using Ulead Movie Factory5, but as you all found out it won't work so I ended up purchasing Any Video Converter so I could convert the files to mpeg. Works great.

Anyway, my first serious realtime use of the camera was at a concert in a small club. I had the camera mounted on a monopod shooting in DVD1 60 fps mode with nightmode on. I chose to shoot B&W because of the low lighting conditions. Audio was captured with a Sony HD-mindisc and mini cardioid mics (mics also mounted to the monopod). MOV files converted to Mpeg then edited in Sony Vegas Pro 6 and Sound Forge 8 then resized for web use. All I really did in Vegas was pump up the brightness and contrast a bit and sync in the new audio. Even though the auto focus oversearched sometimes, it actually adds to the "concert video" effect. Quite impressive all things considered. These were the results.


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aswesome stuff thank you for sharing and with a option of a externa soundsource thanks
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Thanks, Fishy. And thanks for all your reviews and fixing the title of the thread too!

The main reason I got the camera was to film the band I'm in during our shows. The plan is to use it on a tripod that's fixed on the entire stage with no panning or zooming. Then I'll edit together it's footage with other the video cameras we use, and again sync in a better audio recording. I was interested in the HD aspect mainly so we'd have a highish quality main shot. I'm really impressed with the D1 60f mode. I'll be interested to see how it's auto exposure adjust works in a situation like that. I'm not too worried about the auto focus because the camera should be a ways away from the stage.

Btw, the original camera audio captured in those videos was suprising decent...the music was REALLY loud as I was about 10 feet from one of the main PA speakers. There is clipping, but not as bad as I thought it'd be.
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Nice job; interesting stylistic look to it, too.

Private Idaho
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