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Yes, they should provide far more than they're providing on Windows.

On the Mac, Apple provides the Apple Intermediate Codec at no extra charge.

On Windows, high definition intermediate codecs cost extra.

So Corel (Ulead) did something that disappointed me; they initially established a workflow where one would have to transcode AVCHD to HD MPEG-2 for editing. Finally, they released an update that allows the AVCHD files to be edited in the timeline directly, but no provision for "smart render." So every AVCHD-compressed frame undergoes another pass of compression when the editing is finished. This might have been OK if the editing were very simple and performed by a single person, but if the file is to be passed around for more than one person to work on, then it would be best to edit with an intermediate codec.

The Sony Vegas products do include Cineform HD encoders, but the problem is that the engineers at Sony Creative Software didn't include a way to decode the Quicktime .MOV format Aiptek files. If they had done that, they would easily have the best low-cost editor.

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Anyone have an answer for this:

I'd like to replay "movies" on my Sanyo CG65. I would assume I could do this by reading the header information on a video clip taken on the CG65, and converting a movie into a format with the same parameters as the clip. Would that work?
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It should work.

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Support for movies recorded on Digital Still Cameras or Digital Camcorders in QuickTime .mov formats.
Formats include AVC1, MPEG4, H.264 and MJPEG codecs.
The files can be accessed, like with other files, by browsing the Album to the location or by drag&drop to the Album.

Good news, Pinnacle Studio 12 now supports the Aiptek .mov files directly! This means you can open them and start editing without converting anything.
The codec Pinnacle Studio 12 uses is very CPU intensive, so make sure you check the system requirements before installing. You have to install Studio 12 and than download the Studio 12.1 patch from Pinnacles website. The aiptek actionhd camera uses the H.264 codec.


It kept saying "filterd due to spam" every time I inserted a link. Anyway heres the google search link for Pinnacle studio 12, just click the first one on the top, the one that says "Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Video Editing Software"

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The Quicktime .MOV HD H.264 files recorded by the Aiptek Action HD and the Aiptek A-HD+ are read by:

1. Corel Ulead VideoStudio 11 PLUS
2. Magix Movie Edit Pro 14 PLUS

They are not read properly by

- Sony Vegas MovieStudio Platinum 8 or 9! This is a Sony fault.

The big misunderstanding among consumers is that ".MOV = Mac" and ".AVI = PC" and that's just not true!!!!! The .MOV and the .AVI file types are simple containers that can be read on either platform... Mac or PC!!!!! The Mac/PC debate has NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.

So if your non-linear video editor can't read these files, it's either...

1. ...because you don't have the codec installed


2. ...the programmers working for your specific non-linear video editor company simply neglected to include support for the format
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After reading this topic all I can say is that the HD situation generally is appaling. Some of you may be quite happy to experiment with expensive options and potential solutions, I, like a whole lot of others I'm sure, just want to get on with making basic no frills videos and uploading or saving them without loss of quality.

But apparently this is not possible without negotiating a technical minefield and repairing or modifying programs that don't do what you have paid them to do. What a nonsense.

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Since we withj the Aiptek cam I'll keep it an aiptek ontopic:

AIptek is a Pc windows hybrid, with a ASF Mpeg4 compression started with the MPVr and up. they never went to AVI or did they, not owning all, but most, and most I own are ASF, and MOV.

As improvements went foward, we now went to Quciktime.MOV, where we should have gone AVI,

AIptek Added the cam as a mac capatable, and never added the supported file for the usb connection so those with Macs thought hey this is a mac cam while it is still Windows PC and limited to minimal use for mac.

Not a pro, but QT.MOV player and Itunes Option can be loaded with the latest versions 7plus higher, loading the codecs for you. this also holds true for win media player.

you just cannot load a video clip of the newer model and expect it to work.

I understand and justthought I give my opinion.

I cannot afford to get the latest PC, mac, software etc, like others, but I go by trial and error.

again I go to give away of the day.com they will place up a new program a day, and repeat periodically.

AVS4U.com is free with key gen, beta 4.5

magix pro movie edit 12, magicv 12Plus magix 14 magix 14 plus these four are the same program, 12 and 14 can be found for FREE at times

I held back and forgot to say if I did not

watch a movie, notice it is cut and dry, no fancy transitions , fades.

when we make a movie and place online a minutes time is enough to get the attention. Even commercials.

Back onto Aiptek, when they released the A-HD, second lott they included Arcsoft total media Extreme, it is so basic it isa turn off, they added and removed, costed Aiptek some Money to get it, and offer it with the cam, and sold for 2.99 atone time

the Software does a nice Job renders back to QT.MOV H264, i and -

If you have that with the Aiptek Great if not

contact Aiptek request a copy to be given, they excluded out this again making some suffer....................

I use it I like it, I can recommend it for those who want basic. load the disk DONE
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Another thread here addresses the conversion from the .mov container into something more pc friendly like mp4. Even covers some ipod conversions. Works quickly and effectively with drag and drop options.


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There's a huge misunderstanding here.

The .AVI container and the .MOV container has nothing to do with Mac vs. PC!!!!!!!

I've said it a million times and I'll say it again.
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Those who believe Aiptek should have endorsed the AVI container for H.264 need to do some additional reading.

The AVI container is OLD and OUTDATED.

Read these references:


AVI is considered by many to be an outdated container format. There is significant overhead when used with popular MPEG-4 codecs (XviD and DivX, for example), increasing file size more than necessary. The container has no native support for those codecs' modern features like B-Frames; to circumvent this problem, cumbersome hacks are used, causing incompatibilities in some players. Hacks are also used to implement subtitles. The highly efficient H.264 codecs add even more compression tricks to the mix, and thus are even more ill-suited to the format, particularly Main and High Profile.
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