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Finally after monkeying around with various
programs.Searching google a hundred times
Reading a ton of posts, and experimenting
I finally fast easy way to get your
mov files onto the PS3. I was using Ulead video 11 but it took hours.

First off you need these 2 programs, yamb
and tsmuxer. Here are the links to them:

You can get the latest version of yamb here

You can get tsmuxer here.

Don't forget to donate to both programs if you
use and like them. These guys put in a lot of there
time to make these programs.

Once you have downloaded and installed them follow
these instructions.

Part 1
1. Open yamb and click on editing
2. Click on "click to join supported files"
3. Click on add, then browse to the folder to
where you have all of your mov files
4. Add files
(note the order of files or your movie may be out of order)
5. Check on bottom where it says output so you know where it is
saving it to and the name of the file.
6. Click on next and wait for it to finish. (note this mp4 file will
not play in the PS3)

Now that you have all the files combined on to the next step
1. Click finish on yamb, but when it asks to exit click no
2. You are back at the main menu, click on editing then click on
"click to extract streams from AVI/MP4/MOV/TS files.
3. Click on the little folder on the right on the input bar and
browse to the folder where your combined mp4 file is then add it.
you should now see 2 files in content and h.264 video file and
an AAC audio file.
4. Click on either file then down below click on extra ALL streams
to raw format then click next. It should extract to the same
folder as the file.
5. When complete click on finish. Answer no again.

Part 3
1. Now you are back at the main menu for Yamb. Click on Creation, then
"Click to create an MP4 file with ......"
2. Click add
3. Click on the *.h264 file and add it
4. Click on the *.aac file and add it
5. Now here is the KEY part. Open TSmuxer
6. Make sure the input tab on top is selected
7. Click on add
8. Navigate to the folder with the *.h264 file is and add it
9. Now carefully look under tracks: the source file should have info
in it. Scroll all the way to the right and write down the frame rate
(I recorded 720p at 60fps, my frame rate showed 59.9401) (frame rates should be 29.97 for 30fps recording and 59.94 for 60 fps recording)
10. Close out tsmuxer
11. Go back to yamb and highlight the *.h264 file then click on properties
12. Put in the frame rate in the box that says frame rate. You will only
be able to put in 5 numbers which is fine. I put in 59.940
13. Before you click next check the file name and location again so you
know where it will save to. Then click next and wait.

Last step!
Copy the file to a folder on your computer etc... under video and
is should work!!! It took maybe only 1/10th of the time as other

I think the key is that it is not transcoding the video but switching
it around to a different format. Also, adding the frame rate seems to
be the final key as I tried various other ways and only got video
and no audio.

Now I am going to experiment with the *.acc file and try to make
it surround sound.
good luck!

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