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Greetings Everyone:

Yes I know its early in the morning for many of you.

But I thought of a great idea that would bring everyone together to chat about
Aiptek Camcorders.

A Live Aiptek WebCast Day

So, if a day should be picked it would be a Saturday, say July 5, 2008, one day after
Independence Day, sounds like a new movie.

The Live WebCast may start at this time, to make it fair for everyone:

8:00AM California Time
11:00AM New York/Montreal Time
4:00PM London England Time
5:00PM Rome/Paris/Madrid Time
11:00PM Beijing/Taipei Time

The Live WebCast duration will be for one hour.
If after one hour the chat room is still active, then it may continue.

For the Live WebCast there are three popular sites from which to choose from:

1) Ustream:Live Video Streaming for the moderator, chatroom, recording possible
2) Yahoo Live: Live Video Streaming, users can stream too, no recording possible
3) BlogTalkRadio: Only Audio Streaming, users can chat or call, recording possible

I don't know if any of you four moderators, Steve, SgSpirit, JimC, or FishyComics
have used these Live WebCast Sites before.
Or if anyone else has experience in using these Live WebCast Sites?

So what will we talk about on this awesome day July 5th?

Well sure we will talk about Aiptek Camcorders.

There could be a number of Topics to talk about here are some examples:

- Successful Tips with my Aiptek Camcorder.
- Which Aiptek Camcorder to buy?
- The best feature of my Aiptek Camcorder.
- This is how I would improve the Aiptek Camcorder.

Or if someone has very good connections, maybe we could invite a guest speaker from Aiptek USA to speak. Now that would be great.

So what does everyone think of having a Live Aiptek WebCast?

We can all agree on a date, what to talk about, or how it will happen.
Having this Live WebCast will be very interactive and there may be many
people from around the world who will join.

I'm willing to helpout just let me know what everyone thinks.

Regards Robert

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I would like to thank all the 100 viewers that read my message.

After 9 days I posted this message and I recieved 100 viewers, hey that's not bad.

Anyways maybe a Live Bachelor Party WebCast would show more interest?
Maybe Not, just kidding.

Regards Robert
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I personally like Ustream a lot better than the others.
Much more stable than yahoo live and other 'lifecasting' sites.
I've tried almost all of them. Operator11, justin.tv, ustream.tv, yahoo live, mogulus, stickam, etc..

Operator11 might actually be good if everyone had a webcam. You can switch the webcam to other people in the room giving others a chance to talk.

.. but 8AM PST time? A wee bit too early for me. :-)
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Old Jun 26, 2008, 4:16 PM   #4
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Well, Well, Well, we have some Feedback, now that is a good start.

RodFather, in my first message the Date, Time, were not written in stone.
They were just an example

All I wanted was to know if there was any interest in a Live Aiptek WebCast.

If others respond in what everyone thinks would be a fair time and Date, then

maybe we can get this WebCast to become a reality.

RodFather you are the first person to respond to my message, you will find a Red
Ferrari in front of your driveway, but seriously, we need feedback.

I never heard of Operator 11, I'll look into it. thanks for the information.

Anyone else would like to state which time or date would be fair for everyone?

Regards Robert
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