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It has been a good long while since my Mustek days with the DV4500 (I remember yours fishycomics with the broken viewer and that masterful glueing). BTW, my unit still works, records on 2 and 4 gb sd cards and still picks up audio clearly in a classrom during lectures for 8 hours using only 2 aa batteries.

Anyway, I was just trying to touch some memories here. :lol:

I recently upgraded from a fujifilm finepix 3800 to a s1000fd and from my digilife to a............you guys fill in the blank here_______________________

I have been reading the posts but honestly, I am looking for a 1080p 60fps unit but can settle for a 720p 60fps(I know I am not as clear here but you pro's know what I'm talking about!) I want to video tape(duh-is it video capture?) my family in high definition. I run ubuntu and thanks to the park scenes from one member and fishycomics review with the tire iron and 2 jackstands, I can easily view all the videos and edit them in linux. I am looking for an opinion of exactly what you guys think I should purchase or should I hold out? I am currently videotaping my family on the digilife and i love it. But after looking at the HD aiptek stuff, I want one. I can tell you from my HP w2408 monitor, I can see all kinds of junk defects from the xacti and is junk vs the aiptek. Aiptek, I can tell you that the higher resolution looks way way better than the 720p setting. My monitor is that freakin sharp. One thing I did notice is that xacti motion is more fluid than the aiptek from what I have seen.

What do you guys recommend really! Include other brands like the hd1000 xacti please. I am online and wont go to sleep till later, I have a 24hour walmart available next to me with an aiptek action HD available for me.
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one more thing! is the aiptek action HD in stereo?
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Hi and greetings to the sunny California!
Go ahead for the Aiptek! The xactis are too expensive for the moment. I'd suggest to buy a cheap Aiptek now , so that the HD technology resolves some present day issues (video codecs,softwares etc...) and in a year or two you can go for a xacti if you re not satisfied.
The only complaint I have for my Action HD is the autofocus motor noise that gets recorded by the microphone.
No, it's not stereo audio.
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Well, there's only 4 'cheap' cameras that do 720P 60FPS. There's no camera out there that can do 1080p 60FPS.

You're limited to the Aiptek A-HD+, Action, and the Sanyo HD1000/HD1010.
Next up from there is a Panasonic HVX200 for $5-6k. :O

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