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Have had my MPVR for a little over a year, and it has been just fine for the occasional play or choir performance. However, I'm getting ready to take a week long vacation in July, and want to take video of the trip. As part of that I got one of those "sticky" pads for the car which keeps the MPVR nicely still, and an auto inverter so I don't need the battery for filming parts of the drive.

Of course I won't be in the car all of the time, so I do need some battery life. Given the 90 minute listed time for VGA filming (which is what I'm using), I ordered three more batteries and figured that would cover enough of my hikes to give me plenty of footage. However, last night for the first time I tried running on the original battery only just to see how long it would go. Imagine my surprise when at about 30 minutes it was already down to the last bar on the battery.

Is there really that big a discrepancy between the rated time and the actual? Could it be that the battery is just old, or that I haven't drained it enough previously? If I'm trying to get 4-6 hours a day of filming, is there any other option for powering the MPVR? Is there another Aiptek model that uses the same battery and gets better lifetime - or that comes with bigger batteries to begin with?

Thanks so much for your time and assistance!

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I made a battery from wood, add a number of aa's 3 per battery if i made 9 wit ha series/parralel I get hours offun.

apost was made a logwaysback.

models do vary the action/ go 30-60 mins while others still 90

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I find that the rated times for camcorders often seem to be overly optimistic so you should always make sure you do an extended test before any event so you know what the true recording time is. My Sanyo C40 is lucky to see 40 minutes sometimes even though it is rated for much longer than that. The problem with these handhelds is that you can't fit a true extended life battery like you can on those camcorders with a rear battery design.
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So basically, it sounds like I should do a little more testing, but this isn't that unexpected. The "wood" battery idea sounds interesting, but I'm not so good at building things. Don't suppose there's a commercial version of that thing anywhere?

Thanks again.

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